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How Yoga is Beneficial for Health and Fitness?


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Know how beneficial is yoga for health and fitness. Practising yoga regularly allows enough blood and fresh oxygen to travel to your brain.

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How Yoga is Beneficial for Health and Fitness?

  1. 1. Doing Yoga to Stay Younger and Glowing Skin for a Long Time Yoga has been known to increase mental and physical health by doing some postures which improve the mind’s focus as well as the body’s health overall. It is an all time favorite since it doesn’t really require too much physicality. With a mat, some Yoga gurus or guide and you’re all set, you may do Yoga to your very own liking everywhere too. The convenience is really undeniable which is why most health conscious individuals would prefer this method of staying fit and healthy. One of the things that would probably surprise you is the fact that Yoga, as an exercise is also capable of locking in your youth so you can stay younger for a long period of time. It nourishes the skin’s natural glow by improving blood circulation to the head and face area. Yoga is also capable of increasing oxygenation of your whole body, thus helping you achieve youthful glowing skin by reducing free radicals due to proper oxygenation of your body cells. If you are new to Yoga and would probably include this into your to-do list for the next year, there are specific Asanas or Yoga postures that really increase blood circulation. Here are some of the postures you should practice when doing Yoga.
  2. 2. 1.Padmasana The pose is also known as the Lotus Position and is probably one of the basic steps to learning the art. This pose is proven to help deepen meditation, which is naturally helpful in increasing the mind’s focus as well as alleviating various physical ailments. It really looks like you’re relaxing by sitting cross-legged but the benefits of this pose to maintain your youthful glow has been proven true by Yoga practitioners. 2.Adho Mukha Svanasana The name is really long, but for the those new with these exercises, this pose is literally translated as downward-facing dog and technically emulates that exact same posture of a dog. You may find this pose a bit awkward at first, but believe me, this is one of the best Yoga poses you should practice if your will is to improve your blood circulation and maintain your youthful glow. 3.Dhanurasana This Yoga pose which is known to be the most recommended pose for those suffering from kidney problems is also one of the best poses in keeping your skin stay younger for longer. This pose is also very effective for those who would like to lose some weight. The term is literally translated as Bow Pose, due owing to the position of those executing the Asana. 4.Sarvangasana Beginners should at least have to ask for assistance when performing this pose. The Asana is literally translated to English as Shoulder Stand Pose as it uses your own shoulder and some serious balancing skills to raise both legs straight right up. In this pose, your whole body weight is being carried by the bony part of your shoulders. The pose is very effective to increase blood
  3. 3. circulation and physical strength while keeping you look young and healthy all throughout. 5.Shavasana The last but not the least Yoga pose is the so-called “corpse pose” as this position really looks like you’re just taking a nap. This position is normally done after every Yoga session. The practice of lying down flat is said to be the best part of the Yoga exercise as it assimilate the benefits of every Asana poses you make during your Yoga sessions. To know more about what latest happening occured in the world. Visit us at