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How to Seduce your Partner


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Checkout these interesting point, how to seduce your partner and maintain your relationship last longer and stronger.

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How to Seduce your Partner

  1. 1. How To Seduce Your Partner In a relationship, maintain love, affection and spark same like starting period of dating is challenging. When relation become serious and there are less misunderstandings, then it’s not difficult to become happy with your partner. The important thing in love is loyalty, trust if anyone ask you the answer would be given this am I right? But I said no in love to keep a relationship strong is sex! Seduce your partner to keep a relationship cheerful. First, we told you how to make your man in the mood.  Be direct with him, tell him openly on bed what you need from him don’t go off topic.
  2. 2.  Talk dirty things, like whatever you are doing or on any place like in party, doing household shores just tell him what you want to do excite him while kissing in cheek, lips and pinch him softly.  Don’t wear panty, let him know too.  Take his hand where you want to like his touch on waist, belly, legs or on whole body get excited him with these tricks.  Masturbate in front of him, man really likes to watch a woman touching his own body part in a seductive way.  Remove your bra in a stylish way by downing your hair and biting your lower lip.  Don’t let him touch when he excites just make eye contact and make him more excited.  Wear red before these all steps red short dress, lipstick. Red color is attractive and sexy for grabing attention easily.  Attack him while kissing, biting and don’t let him kiss you wildly as you do.  Then just walk away from him, he loves to see you walking but don’t be that far from him that he could not grab you in his arms.  Then hold him or tie him with you using any rope, belt and make your relationship more stronger and happier.