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FlyBase Discotheque Event Questionnaire


Published on Event Questionnaire

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FlyBase Discotheque Event Questionnaire

  1. 1. EVENT QUESTIONNAIRE The purpose of this questionnaire is to give us all the information we need to better tailor the entertainment to your needs. The more detail you give, the better. Questions are not mandatory however, please just write N/A if the question does not apply or you do not wish to answer it. I appreciate you may have already given some details during your initial booking but this form will be printed, archived and referred to as a complete document so please be as thorough as you can. PERSONAL DETAILS Full Name Address Contact Telephone Number/s Email Address
  2. 2. EVENT DETAILS Date of your event Time you require music ; From & until Venue Address Venue manager ; Name & contact number Brief description of DJ access and set-up area Estimated number of guests & age range Colour theme or party theme (fancy dress etc) Key times ; wedding ceremony, sit down meal, buffet, cake cutting, last orders etc WEDDING ONLY What time do you envisage taking your first dance Do you wish your first dance to be the first song played of the evening First dance ; Song title & artist Are you planning further formal dances (Bride & Father etc) Please give details Bride & Grooms full, pre-marriage names. (If applicable include preference for short/nick names, I.E Victoria – Vicky – Vic etc)
  3. 3. EARLY SET-UP Do you require early set-up What time do you require early set-up (please allow plenty of time to avoid setting up disrupting other event proceedings) MUSICAL REQUIRMENTS Are you happy for your guests musical requests to be played (subject to suitability) Do you require your play list to be strictly adhered to (no DJ or guest suggested tracks whatsoever) Last dance ; Song title & artist Band/Artist/Genre Preferences (Not required if you supply a play list) I like Specific MUST PLAY tracks I dislike Specific MUST NOT PLAY tracks