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Personal alcohol licence


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Our official local authority issued Personal Alcohol Licence.

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Personal alcohol licence

  1. 1. i#fl :s . .*w"?K"H.!j!;tr.M,.#tr/q. n* ffi$*-tF*d*v#f"] _ Licensing Act 2003 Personal Alcohol Licence Liam Peter FAIRLIE NDEVPA2237 explry ltil lssued Pursuant to the Licensing Act 2003 The holder of a current Personal Alcohol l-icence is authorised to sell or supply alcohol or to authoiise the sale or supply of alcohol in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003. Enquiries about this Licence should be directed to: The Licensing Team, PO Box I icens i ng@northdevon.qov. u k northdevcn &wJeremy Mann Head of Environmental Health & Housing Services 379, Bdrnstaple, Devon EX32 zGR www. n orthdevon.g ov. u k/l ice ns i n g