Enhance Energy - The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line – Susan Cole - Global CCS Institute – Nov 2011 Regional Meeting


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As a part of the Institute's strategic focus on assisting CCS projects through knowledge sharing, three North American roadshow events will help the industry share project experiences and knowledge about CCS. Taking place in the US and Canada, the three events include:

• Austin, Texas on November 8, 2011;
• Calgary, Canada on 10 November, 2011; and
• Washington, D.C. on 19 January, 2012.

The first roadshow focused on sharing project experiences and knowledge from the projects in North America but also brought in projects from Europe (Don valley) and Australia (Callide) so that regionally diverse experiences could be shared amongst a global audience.
Attendance at the event was around 30 to 35 which allowed open and frank discussions around technical, management, and regulatory issues and how these challenges can impact on a project’s advancement and decision making processes.

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  • At 25% royalty that’s $1.4Billion per year
  • Enhance Energy - The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line – Susan Cole - Global CCS Institute – Nov 2011 Regional Meeting

    1. 1. 1
    2. 2. Enhance’s Vision The World’s Largest CCS and Enhanced Oil Recovery project Creation of new infrastructure for new industry in Alberta And sustainable development of Alberta’s oilsands 2
    3. 3. Alberta’s Resources Oil sands development  Second largest proven oil reserves after Saudi Arabia 1 billion barrels of light oil recoverable using EOR CO2 from oil sands enables EOR and produces fuels with the lowest carbon footprint in the world 3
    4. 4. Alberta Gas Trunk Line (“AGTL”) 1954 Alberta Gas Trunk Line  Government of Alberta under Premier Ernest Manning  Single gathering system made sense  Maintained Alberta’s jurisdiction over its resources Courtesy of TransCanada Pipelines 4
    5. 5. AGTL Impact on Alberta:  An Alberta petrochemical industry -$13B products annually  Natural gas market and industry  Royalties, taxes and jobs $5-8 Billion/yr 5
    6. 6. Government Support for the ACTL Government of Alberta investment of $495 Million in a $1.2B project Government cofunding will help us build infrastructure for the future Funding is provided when project milestones are achieved  40% during construction over next 3 years  20% at commercial operation  40% over 10 years tied to injection of CO2 6
    7. 7. Alberta Carbon Trunkline Building Alberta’s First CO2 Trunk Line  240 km 16” diameter (Phase 1)  Capacity of 40,000 tonnes per day Landowners have been extremely supportive ERCB approval received Construction start 2012 Operational early 2014 •18 7
    8. 8. U.S. Experience Approximately 100 CO2 EOR projects in North America •Great Plains Started in the 1970 - now over 3600 miles of CO2 •Coal Synfuels •Plant pipelines •LaBarge •Gas Plant •Gas Plant 600 million tonnes of CO2 injected •McElmo Dome / •Doe Cyn. •Ethanol Plant •Sheep Mtn. 51 million tonnes of CO2 move every year •Bravo •Ammonia / Fertilizer •Dome •Plant Oil production from CO2 EOR is currently •Jackson Dome •Gas 260,000Bpd Plants •Pet. Coke to •Ammonia Plant (planned) •Potential Natural CO2 Source •CO2 Project •Natural CO2 Source •CO2 Pipeline •Industrial CO2 Source •Planned CO2 Pipeline 8
    9. 9. ACTL Expansion 1 billion barrels of light oil 2 billion tonnes of CO2 stored Laterals have been designed to allow for multiple entry points and multiple exits Potential suppliers and CO2 emitters :  Coal power  Upgrading/refining  Petrochemicals  Natural gas processing 9
    10. 10. Enhance’s Current CO2 Suppliers Agrium Redwater facility  700-1600T/d Northwest Redwater Refinery  3,500-4,200T/d 10
    11. 11. Agrium Facility 11
    12. 12. Agrium CO2 Recovery FacilityDetailed engineering is complete and procurement underway 12
    13. 13. ACRF Equipment  Siemens 6 stage centrifugal compressor  Electric drive 4800hp  Handling wet CO2  Dehydration package, separators, condensors also purchased  Engineers: Caber Engineering 13
    14. 14. North West Redwater Refinery North West Redwater Refinery Phase 1 is a $5Billion 50/50 joint venture between North West Upgrading and CNRL Processing 37,500bbls Crown bitumen and 12,500bbls CNRL bitumen Produces refined products such as Ultra Low Sulphur diesel and gasoline Using Lurgi gasifier to produce pure dry CO2 (no coking) Oxygen Steam Hydrogen Purification Feed Pure Hydrogen Gasifier Shift Reactors CO to CO2 Rectisol Pure CO2 Soot Filter Cake H2 S 14
    15. 15. North West Redwater Refinery Long lead items have been procured 3 phases have been approved by ERCB 8000 jobs during construction of each phase 15
    16. 16. NW Redwater CO2 Capture  FEED study complete  Booster compression on site with final compression adjacent  Pure dry CO2  0-2600psig 16
    17. 17. ACTL Pipe  20 km 12” pipe, 220 km 16” pipe  Carbon Steel  Sweet, dry operation at 2600psig  Construction slated for summer 2013  Engineers: SAW Engineering 17
    18. 18. EOR Opportunity for Alberta 18
    19. 19. Safe Secure Storage Oil and gas reservoirs have been around for a long time Many of the best reservoirs for EOR are Devonian 400 million years of safe, secure storage of oil and gas Partnered with AITF to formalize MMV plan 19
    20. 20. Green Jobs CERI Study of ACTL (excl NWR) 20
    21. 21. How far can you drive before emitting 1 CO2? How Far Can You Drive and Emit 1 TonneTonne of CO2?
    22. 22. How far can you drive before emitting 1CO2? How Far Can You Drive and Emit 1 TonneTonne of CO2? 22
    23. 23. The Impact of the ACTL Establishes new industries in Alberta Supports future development of the oilsands Produces fuels with the lowest carbon footprint in the world Thousands of permanent jobs Substantial revenues from EOR  Return to Alberta in the form of royalties and taxes 23
    24. 24. The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Doing it now Enhance Energy Inc. www.enhanceenergy.com 24