Acoustic Guitar - Craftmanship


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Acoustic Guitar - Craftmanship

  1. 1. Acoustic Guitar - Craftsmanship
  2. 2. Guitars are recognized as one of the primary instruments in blues, country, flamenco, rock music, and many forms of pop. Traditionally guitars have usually been constructed of combinations of various woods and strung with animal gut, or more recently, with either nylon or steel strings.
  3. 3. An acoustic guitar is a guitar that uses only acoustic methods to project the sound produced by its strings and are those which are made out of wood. The most important factor is that the wood needs to be dried to get the quality of sound.
  4. 4. Be it a natural means of drying or artificial, the dryer the wood is more superior is the sound quality. In earlier days, wood was made to dry for about three years before they were deemed to be fit for use in a guitar.
  5. 5. The bridge unit is an important part of an acoustic guitar as the tones, scales, are created here. The bridge consists of a small wooden structure with ivory toppings to uphold the strings.
  6. 6. When the strings are plucked or strummed the vibrations generated in them are transmitted to the bridge unit which is then transmitted to the sound chamber to product the sound.
  7. 7. The body of an acoustic guitar is ideally made of maple wood. There are plenty of acoustic guitars available with plywood body. These are not superior as they lack the superior sound quality. An acoustic guitar is extremely accurate and so should be the quality of wood.
  8. 8. Moreover, the two sides of a good acoustic guitar should be exactly equal and this is what shows the craftsmanship involved. It’s a common belief that the acoustic guitar wood changes its shape over playing and that’s the reason why some guitars are left unvarnished.
  9. 9. One thing to look for is the end block of a guitar. The front and back of a guitar is joined using an end block. Try to find yourself a guitar that has dense wooden end block. The neck of the guitar is also an important feature to take care of.
  10. 10. The entire portion consists of a long bridge subdivided into frets. These frets are metallic which when pressed upon with the strings generates a particular note. Check out for rough edges on the frets as they are likely to leave bruised fingers with you.
  11. 11. Acoustic guitars are one of the easier things to purchase. All you really need to do is pick it up and see if it feels good and it sounds good. Even if it has pick-ups (usually piezo), generally an amplified acoustic guitar is only done so to make it louder, not as an inherent part of the instrument, which makes the interaction between the guitar and the amp less important of a factor.
  12. 12. There has been a rise in the number of guitar players and the companies selling guitars. The most prominent American makers of acoustic guitars are Martin, Guild, Taylor and Gibson. They are known for both the quality and price of their instruments.
  13. 13. To find a wide range of acoustic guitars, guitar amps, and strings click link below