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Multiplication mondays ppt


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Multiplication mondays ppt

  1. 1. Multiplication Mondays How to Sign In to Xtra Math
  2. 2. Site: • Site: Watch Video after logging in. • Click on sign in • Fill in blanks • Teachers Email: • First Name:____________ • Student Pin: _____________ • Un check Remember me • Click on Sign in
  3. 3. Click On Green Arrow/Watch Video • Listen to introduction
  4. 4. Take Placement Quiz
  5. 5. Quiz Results/ Click on Green Arrow
  6. 6. Take the second addition quiz
  7. 7. Quiz Results/Press Green to continue
  8. 8. Race The Teacher • Race the Teacher • Answer the question before the teacher. • Press start when ready • Click on the bottom for a key pad to appear if you have a mouse.
  9. 9. After Racing the Teacher • After racing the teacher your done for the day. • Sign out