Castleton Introduction

1st paragraph ­ hypothesis and key questions to introduce your coursework.
      Include here why ...
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Castleton Introduction Guidelines


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Castleton Introduction Guidelines

  1. 1. Castleton Introduction 1st paragraph ­ hypothesis and key questions to introduce your coursework. Include here why more people are visiting honeypot sites like Castleton. Say what a honeypot site is. 2nd Paragraph ­ Purpose of National parks, number of national parks in UK ­ refer to map 1 (the location of the National Parks in England and Wales is shown in Map 1.) Write about what jobs people do in the National Parks (Primary industry ­ farming, quarrying, forestry. Tertiary Industry ­ tourism). 3rd Paragraph ­ Write where the Peak District National Park and Castleton are ­ refer to map 2 (the location of the Peak District National Park and it's main settlements, including Castleton is shown in Map 2). What is the population of the Peak District? How has the population in Castleton changed? What is it today? Write about why the population has decreased. How many people visit the Peak District/Castleton? Write about what tourist attractions there are in the Peak District/Castleton. 4th Paragraph ­ the key words that are important in my coursework are: Toursim means a service (tertiary) industry where people visit a place for the purpose of enjoyment and sightseeing. Honeypot sites are places with special interests which become popular with tourists and tend to become overcrowded at peak times as a result. This leads to problems including congestion, litter, inadequate amentities such as toilets, cafes, carparks Rural depopulation is the movement of people out of rural areas and into urban areas, often as a result of push factors such as a lack of services in villages and pull factors such as a better lifestyle, better health facilities and better paid jobs in the towns or cities. Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present, for example developing tourism to provide jobs, while conserving resources for the future. 5th Paragraph ­ write about what the Butler Model shows and how it relates to Castleton. 6th Paragraph ­ say that you are going on a fieldtrip to Castleton to collect primary data to help test the hypothesis and answer the key questions. Then write about each of the surveys you are going to complete. Then write what additional secondary data you will use. Apr 29­09:16 1