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Freebiejeebies guide

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Freebiejeebies guide

  1. 1. THE FREEBIEJEEBIES INSIDER GUIDE This report is completely free was created it to give instruction on how to do the freebiejeebies offers. Please feel free to use it, copy it, download it, share it, email it BUT DONT EDIT IT!Pleas read all this report as it contains important information to help you get themost from Freebiejeebies – and will only take 5min of your life.How Does it work?If you sell or promote a product for a company they will pay you a commission forreferring the customer. this can be anywhere from 10p or 10c up to and over £50$75 per referral. Its all based on the potential of the customer being referred byyou becoming a customer.Eg, if you sign up to"love Film" through the link on Freebiejeebies then they knowthat many - not all - but many will become full members so it makes sense for themto offer a good percentage of that potential income from the member tofreebiejeebies for sending the customer to them. GET IT!!Now lets say Freebiejeebies get 5 people to sign up and get £20 each incommission. Thats £100 Freebiejeebies earn in commission from the company theyintroduce members to.They then buy 100s of ipods (for example) at wholesale price and give them to thepeople who send in the referrals as a thank you.Its all in the perceived value i.e. an item in a shop is for sale at £100 you think thatsthe value of it and how much its worth to you, right? The item when bought by aretailer will come generally cost them up to 75% less as they buy in bulk and as aretailer they make their profit by marking up the price to the R.R.P. OK.So you your getting a product from Freebiejeebies that’s on sale in the shops for£100 say, in reality its probably only cost Freebiejeebies around £50! so they caneasily do the maths and make this a win – win for them, the company they arepromoting and YOU – GET IT!But heres the best bit - to get in on this you do need to sign up to one offer but if
  2. 2. you sign up to the LoveFilm offer for example you can do it on a free trial andcancel once youve had a free DVD, or you can just take any other offer you like.This is Just Very clever Marketing and NOT a scam.And if you can play it well, you can get lots of free stuff! Like I said at thebeginning, I signed up and will let you know when I get my freebie! If yourinterested CLICK HERE and go take a look for your self! The Step By Step Guide to do the FreebeejeebieStep 1 : Sign up with this link to Freebiejeebies : make sure you Sign up with your best emailStep 2 : Complete an offerThe best (free) one at time of writhing is the “Love film” offerRegister with them and rent at least one film. They will ask you for your credit carddetails when you sign up as all companies do these days when you sign up or join,you just need to remember to cancel your membership after your free trial if youdont wish to continue with the service for longer than the 2 week free trial.Or you can just choose to take up one of the other offers or even a paid one toget you qualified. They do offers from about £10 that you can do as a “One off”and then not have to worry about cancelling (I did one for £10 and got“Qualified” within a few minutes) “Just remember you doing this to get THE FREE STUFF that could be worth£1000s depending on what you choose – If you completed your offer a couple ofmonths ago then you could easily by now be enjoying your first free gift! So spenda little time NOW and youll be reaping the rewards in a short time.”Step 3 : Refer your friends, family, facebook, twitter contacts to do the same.Be careful with Facebook though, because this is so powerful and so many peopleare now doing it Facebook wont let you use the term “Freebiejeebies” so just PMyou contacts with what you are doing without mentioning “freebiejeebies” andthen send them your link AS YOU WONT BE ABLE TO JUST POST IT TO YOUR WALL This is what your link will look like :
  3. 3. GETTING THEM TO CLICK ON YOUR LINK IS CRUTIAL! When someone clicks on yourlink this is then registered at the freebiejeebies site and when the person who hasclicked on your link completes an offer YOU GET A CREDIT :-)Step 4: Collect your free gift. You dont even have to pay postage! Hints & Tips • Sign up by clicking here • ONLY use genuine contact information • ONLY sign up once. You can continue to claim free stuff for as long as you keep sending people to the offers from your link – IT DOSNT STOP AT JUST ONE FREE GIFT! • Dont sign up from public places. If Someone has already signed up from there the IP address will be logged and it may count as already being registered. For the same reason please be careful with places like university halls of residence. • While completing an Offer its best to keep the account on until the Offer is showing as completed. • Don’t spam your link! You could get banned. Many forums will be happy for you to join and slowly introduce the concept of free gifts to them, but this is a genuine company with genuine offers and they want to maintain a good reputation and therefore don’t want 1000s of people spamming people with links. This is probably why they have such a bad reputation and are considered by many to be a SCAM and that is just not true. they are a legitimate UK company. Who are They?Freebiejeebies is owned and operated by Freebiejeebies Ltd.Company number 7097671.This is their address : As of December 2009FREEBIEJEEBIES LIMITED4 CYRUS WAYCYGNET PARK, HAMPTONPETERBOROUGHCAMBRIDGESHIREUNITED KINGDOMPE7 8HP So what are you Waiting For – CLICK HERE NOW TO Go get your FREE STUFF