ad:tech Melbourne 2012 day2, track1


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ad:tech Melbourne 2012 day2, track1

  1. 1. Welcome to @adtechanz #atmelb
  2. 2. Keynote Presentation “Digital Darwinism”Joe Crump, SVP of Strategy & Planning @josephcrump / @Razorfish
  3. 3. Keynote Presentation“The Future Of AFL Club Media”Ian Coutts, General Manager, Communications @CFC_Coutts @Carlton_FC
  4. 4. “Data Driven Networks Enhancing Brand Engagement Online”Actionable Insights;• What legal risks do organisations face with social mediasites?• Comparing traditional and digital marketing legalities• Privacy and security trends @JeffR_Melb_AU @thechrisgross
  5. 5. “From Madmen To Mathmen”Actionable Insights;• With inevitably limited resources do marketers know the best ways of utilisingthese tools and should the agencies now take the lead in educating brands?• Are agencies stuck in the middle of media buyers and sellers?• At what point is the agency plan different to the client plan? @sethyates /@brandscreen @Responsys @Mi9_media
  6. 6. “Don’t Sell Me ... Tell me - The Attribution Of Digital Monetisation”Actionable Insights• How do you close the measurement loop and monitor the value of the mediachannels to see which are being monetised and are really driving your sales?• When does a media plan become a revenue plan?• If youre not in the discussion, youre missing the opportunity to influence -how can you hold sway without being salesy? @ncesimms / @HJHeinzCompany @BlueArcgroup
  7. 7. “Online Retailing; Making More Of What You Already Have”Actionable Insights;• Closing the purchase loop to improve online engagements along the customerdecision journey• Is the planning of online retailing too strict when there is so much learning tocome?• Where does e-commerce drop off and m-commerce pick up?• How much influence does search marketing have for Australian retailers? @garytempleton / @studiocom @sitecoreanz
  8. 8. “Sports & Digital: Engaging and Activating Fans”Actionable Insights• How to manage large fan bases on social platforms• What fan engagement strategies work well in sports & how can they beadapted• What social and digital metrics are important and why @seancallanan /@SportsGeekHQ @vCricketAU @kimtren /@TennisAustralia @Jonno_Simpson /@AFL
  9. 9. “Google Is Now 14 Years Old So Talk To It Like It’sActionable Insights a 14 Year Old”• The newest tactics for getting your content visible in the right place at theright time• The implication of voice recognition and Siri in the mobile and SEO space• How to get your content ahead of the competition in search results• Tools for building your SEO strategy and maximing on the impact of yourdigital existence @reseo