ad:tech Melbourne 2012 day1, track2


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ad:tech Melbourne 2012 day1, track2

  1. 1. Track 2@adtechanz #atmelb1
  2. 2. “A View From The Boardroom: Getting All Generations On Board With Digital”Actionable Insights;• Don’t be risk adverse because of a lack of digital ownership• Convincing the offline world of the exposure of the digital world• Conversely, can the old school still teach digital a thing or two?• Where should digital marketing sit internally: with your techies or yourmarketing folk (or a mix of both)? @anthonygoldman / @citrusagency @BupaAustralia
  3. 3. “What’s Now and What’s Next For Display Advertising And Does It Still Work?”Actionable Insights;• Is display advertising still effective?• How much marketing budget should you allocate to it?• What are the newest technologies in display advertising? How can your organisation utilise them?• Understanding Demand Side Platforms and Supply Side Platforms• Targeting defined prospects with little waste?• Coordinating display ads with other platforms• Delivering high performance, cost effective branding through display @ninemsn @Responsys @IABAustralia
  4. 4. “The Evolving Habits Of The Australian Media Consumer And The Importance Of Video”Actionable Insights;Video remains relatively uncharted territory for affiliate marketers. Althoughefforts are being made to reach customers via YouTube, Metcalfe, MySpace andother outlets, there is still a low take up to incorporate it as part of the overallmarcoms strategy. There are clear Search Engine Optimisation advantages forvideo, as well as there being more impact than simple text for the average webuser. So if video is so beneficial to drive traffic and interaction, why arent moremarketers using this precious tool. @NielsenWire
  5. 5. “The Bravest, Boldest and Best Digital Campaigns Of The Last Year”Actionable Insights• Which brands and agencies ran the best campaigns?• Who were the bravest and boldest brands and agencies?• What sort of results did they deliver?• What can you learn from these campaigns? @reactivemedia @Sandeep_Baruah @nab
  6. 6. “Effective Mobile And Multi- Screen Strategies Using An HTML5 Framework”Actionable Insights• Is HTML5 really going to be a game changer?• Will HTML5 solve all of the standardisation problems that have so far plaguedthe industry• About the new features; storage, built in audio, 2D graphics and videostreaming and access to integrated mobile device features. @netbiscuitsAPAC @Toyota_Aus @Simonvw
  7. 7. “Deconstructing Your Campaign From The Data Up”Actionable Insights• Best practices for deconstructing your campaign• What is realistic data usage?• What are the right questions to ask to collect the right data?• Sales attribution - where do your sales come from?• What is best way to maintain your data and allow for the appropriateresources to do so? @Experian @icumulus