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Mobile Monday 04/2013: Guava7 - Indies! Indies!


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Bài chia sẻ của anh Thái Thanh Phong, CEO Guava7 trong buổi hội thảo do Mobile Monday tổ chức tại TP.Hồ Chí Minh vào ngày 24/04/2013 với chủ đề về game di động.

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Mobile Monday 04/2013: Guava7 - Indies! Indies!

  1. 1. Indies! Indies!Mobile MondayApril 24th, 2013HoChi Minh City
  2. 2. Before we dive into the topic• Who is this presenter?• What is his background?• Has he succeeded in this field?• … ?• … ?
  3. 3. Xin lỗi, anh chỉ là thằng bán game choTáo
  4. 4. “Indie” in this context• Individuals (student, hobbyist)• Small teams• Small “start-up” companies… with these constraints:• Low budget• Inexperience
  5. 5. Current situation• What we have– Passion• What we need to solve– Quality (product)• Mindset• Skillset– Quantity (visibility)• PR / Marketing
  6. 6. Right mindset• Commitment / responsibility– Target, Discipline, Persistence• Quality-oriented• Listen• Improve• Professional / positive attitude• Hard work => More luck! (cause-effect)
  7. 7. Needed Skillset• English• Technical skills
  8. 8. Visibility• Forums / Facebook /Twitter / etc.• Press• Promotions: ads, pay for downloads, etc.• Partner with a publisher / store– Local– Global
  9. 9. Advices• Start small, finish well• Right mindset• English! English! English!“Success is a journey, not a destination”
  10. 10. THANKYOU!ABOUT METháiThanh PhongCo-founder @ www.guava7.comEmail: phongtt@guava7.comLinkedin READSFour KeyTraits for DesignersGameArtists:TheThree Cardinal RulesFinishing a gameIndie Resources