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No, SAP Lumira is not dead!


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[WEBINAR] No, SAP Lumira is not dead!

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No, SAP Lumira is not dead!

  1. 1. No, Lumira is not dead! Galigeo | 2018 And it’s time to get some ROI out of it
  2. 2. SAP Lumira, a complicated story… Mar. 2016 SAP announces Lumira 2.0 Aug. 2017 Lumira 2.0 comes out late and half-baked Jan. 2018 SAP announces that its analytics strategy is now full cloud Today Companies think about going back to Lumira Sep. 2018 SAP releases Lumira 2.2
  3. 3. Why are companies coming back to Lumira? − Companies have tested SAP Analytics Cloud, but − They would rather wait for a more complete product − They cannot move to cloud in a near future − They do not want to invest time and money yet into another product − Companies have tested competitor solutions but they do not integrate well with their current SAP BI environment Context Quick Calculation 2 major releases already announced for SAP Lumira in the next 3 years + 7 years maintenance and support = at least 10 years lifespan for SAP Lumira
  4. 4. It’s time! Companies are going back to Lumira, saying: Galigeo helps you to get faster ROI by augmenting SAP Lumira with GeoAnalytics capabilities « We have invested time and money, it is time to get some ROI out of it » + =
  5. 5. GeoAnalytics, the concept behind getting new insights through maps Location data are mainstream: 80% of yours contain a spatial dimension. It’s an unexploited goldmine. It’s time to make advantage out of it. Faster time to insights Improved user experience, adoption and communication Unveiled proximity relationships and data trends Faster ROI Faster time to actions
  6. 6. Product Demonstration 1. Galigeo For Lumira Discovery Prototyping location-driven dashboards in no time 2. Galigeo For Lumira Designer Creating location-driven applications with custom business logic
  7. 7. Galigeo for SAP Lumira Discovery Product Demonstration Prototyping location-driven dashboards in no time
  8. 8. SAP Lumira Discovery, towards new use-cases Self-service BI Rapid Prototyping Business Users IT and Business Quickly model business needs
  9. 9. Galigeo for SAP Lumira Designer Product Demonstration Creating location-driven applications with custom business logic
  10. 10. SAP Lumira Designer, powerful yet underrated Governed BI Tailored applications IT and Business IT and Business Industrialize business applications with custom logic
  11. 11. ANNOUNCEMENT New version of Galigeo For SAP Lumira Designer is available in Early Access − Support for BW and HANA Display Attributes − Create layer based on key or text value − Support for BW and HANA Hierarchy − New scripting APIs − Download to discover more!
  12. 12. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Galigeo For SAP Lumira Discovery will now be available for free − Availability in Q4 2018 − Up to 5 users per company − For prototyping (desktop) usage − Access to Learning Center − Access to updates
  13. 13. Why us?
  14. 14. Galigeo builds GeoAnalytics solutions geared for every business Why we are different from other GeoAnalytics vendors Self-service Any users can create and consume spatial analysis and map visualizations without being an expert. Smart All the complexity inherent to spatial is abstracted so users focus on their business. Feature-rich Geocode addresses, create spatiotemporal analysis or generate attraction areas by isodistance, … all out-of-the-box! Data Agnostic / Data Mashup Blend any type of operational, exogenous and geographic datasources (ESRI, OGC, …) all together on the same place.
  15. 15. What’s (also) new on Galigeo side New version of Galigeo For WebIntelligence (BO) is out Get started with Galigeo API Embed all Galigeo GeoAnalytics capabilities in the tool you want without going into tedious development GeoAnalytics made simple! Create advanced spatial analysis directly from WebIntelligence
  16. 16. Trusted by hundreds of leaders all around the globe
  17. 17. Going further − Get in touch Vincent Dechandon / Product Manager − Start for free 30-day trial for all our solutions Benjamin Levaillant / Account Executive