J-term trip to Washington, D.C.


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J-term trip to Washington, D.C.

  1. 1. Washington Memorial, located on the National Mall. D.C. is currently in the process of readying the streets for the inauguration parade of incumbent President Obama. Photo Credit Grace Pettit
  2. 2. The entrance to the newest memorial, Martin Luther King Jr., “Build the Dream”. Photo credit Grace Pettit
  3. 3. A relief sculpture of Martin Luther King Jr. towers over 20ft of pure granite. Photo credit Grace Pettit.
  4. 4. View of the Jefferson Memorial from the MLK Jr. monument. Photo credit Grace Pettit
  5. 5. The Lincoln Memorial.Photo credit Grace Pettit
  6. 6. Up close and personal with the 16th president himself. Photo credit Grace Pettit
  7. 7. View of the Congress building from Pennsylvania Ave. Photo credit Sara Buckley
  8. 8. Video installation at the Smithsonian Museum.Photo credit Sara Buckley
  9. 9. A man-made horse constructed from steel, but made to look like rustic wood. Locatedin the contemporary exhibition at the Smithsonian.Photo credit Sara Buckley
  10. 10. The White House.Photo credit Sara Buckley
  11. 11. Exhibition showing at the Hishhorn Museum. Ai Weiwei, who constructed the2008 Beijing Olympic arena, exhibited sculptures and photographs.Photo credit Sara Buckley
  12. 12. Indulging in more of Weiwei’s photographs of deconstruction/ reconstruction.Photo credit Sara Buckley.
  13. 13. Located in the West Wing of the National Gallery, “Small French Paintings”exhibits many French impressionists, as well as etchings from the masters.Photo credit Sara Buckley.
  14. 14. A few paintings located in the “Small French Paintings” exhibit.Photo credit Sara Buckley
  15. 15. Print from Andy Warhol,who rose off the popularityof ‘Pop Art’.Photo credit Sara Buckley
  16. 16. A gallery in the Corcoran Gallery of Art.Photo credit of Sara Buckley
  17. 17. A private viewing and sketching session in the West Wing National Galleryexhibiting Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt and a view others of the 16th century.Photo Credit Sara Buckley
  18. 18. Original Rembrandt sketchings.Photo credit Grace Pettit
  19. 19. LU student, Maria Wald sketching in the private session of originalmaster’s etchings.Photo credit Sara Buckley