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FundRich 基富通證券


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基富通 自主理財基金平台

Published in: Economy & Finance
  • 基富通 基金平台
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FundRich 基富通證券

  1. 1. 基富通基金平台 Make fund investment easy and friendly
  2. 2. 外在市場因素驅動基金銷售經營模式改變 Political Regulation, savings gap, pension reform, reduction in bargaining power of AMC/investors Economic Client capacity to invest, client ability to pay fees, cost of regulation, market volatility, pressure on pricing, need to increase margin or reduce costs Social Trust in financial services, education, service expectations, importance of brand, familiarity with technology Technological Internet, access to information, value of data, opportunity to be efficient, growth of mobile, importance of integration
  3. 3. 台灣的基金產業發展面臨的問題 •Banks hold the most market shares in funds selling •Emphasizing on promoting offshore funds suppresses domestic SITCC. Distributors Driven Market •Insufficient fund product lines •Only giving recommendations on specific high commission products Limited Investment Options •Biased to promote and sell higher commissions productsConflict of Customers’ Interest •CRMs’ incomplete advisory service cannot meet the investment purposeLack of Professional Advice Fundrich Variety of Fund Selection Reasonable Sales Charges Differential Fund Products AI Investment Supporting Easy Online Investment
  4. 4. 基富通的V0.1 V0.5 V0.8 V 0.1 • Established on Dec 2015 by TDCC+OTC and … • Run by government policy and supports from Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission(FSC) • Business and managing team kick-off on Jan 2016 V 0.5 • Capital increased to NT$350 million • Majority shareholders: TDCC、OTC • Other shareholders: over 30 top ranked Asset Management Companies in Taiwan overbooked NT$390 million • 4 Influenced AMC shareholders as the board members V 0.8 • Fund platform from 0 to 1 needs: • Fintech ecosystem • E-commerce business model • Products • CRM
  5. 5. 基富通從零開始的核心能力發展 Fin part: • 90% onshore/offshore registered funds put on shelf in 6 months • Collaboration between API providers and product providers to develop tool/service for better UX; machine learning market provisioning; retail algorithmic selecting tool Tech part: • Less third party service providers • Intergrade TDCC’s TA and FR’s EC system • More competitive UI/UX design • Big data/Robo-adviser/AI client service
  6. 6. 基富通的發展對產業的正面影響面向 Clients propensity to pay for professional service Removal of trail commission bargaining power Traditional distribution service process might be less complex and inefficient Multiple technology change will be successfully integrated Build a successful change case to drive the trend
  7. 7. 基富通重新定義對基金投資客戶的服務價值 運用金融科技,避免資訊不對稱的投資環境 避免業務人員主觀、誘導型的顧問模式 反映成本的服務計價模式降低客戶投資成本 提供客戶簡易方便的整合基金投資管理帳戶
  8. 8. 基富通規劃中的營運模式 智能基金搜尋 = 加值型帳戶報告 智能客服 合理化投資成本 回歸資產 管理的核心 價值 = 合理化通 路成本 友善投信 及中小型 基金業者 優化產業生態系 產品齊全、 工具方便= 高含量金 融科技 定價透明、 行銷公平 不以理專 為客戶服 務的核心 投資人體驗行銷 為基金公司創造價值 基富通的核心價值 + + + + + + + + +
  9. 9. 基富通現階段的挑戰 • 不完整的線上開戶流程: • 投資人於線上完成資料填寫後,仍需印出紙本,送扣款行核印, 需時至少5個工作天。 • 目前發展: • 採用財金公司電子化授權方案,由財金公司向主管機關溝通, 開發系統將晶片金融卡的授權資料透過財金通知扣款行,並增 修配合事項、作業要點,再向銀行公會公布作業方式,請各銀 行配合。 • 客戶的使用習慣轉換需要時間