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How to win Email Subscribers: Do’s and Don’ts of Freelancer Email Lists


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How do you gain subscribers to your email list as a freelancer? Here are all the do´s and don´ts...

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How to win Email Subscribers: Do’s and Don’ts of Freelancer Email Lists

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  2. 2. Last week, we covered the reasons why email lists can work really well for freelancers. People check their inboxes every day and they go there to do business – that’s a great place to win over clients. Moreover, emailing feels more personal than “social” networks if it’s done right and it doesn’t have to cost a dime. But how do you find people that want to get your emails? It’s all about selling them on a quality product. Here are the dos and don’ts:
  3. 3. 1) Don’t use pop-ups on your start page Let’s start with a big no-go. Imagine yourself as the user – you go to a site, look at it for five seconds and before you even get the chance to find out what’s going on, a big pop-up covers half of your screen: “Subscribe for my super cool email updates here!” There are little things that are more annoying than this. In fact, five times out of ten I`ll close that webpage then and there. And zero times out of ten am I going to subscribe to that list. You have to give your potential clients a chance to familiarize themselves with the content first. Convince them it’s worth it and then do a pop-up if you absolutely have to. Don’ts of freelancer Email Lists
  4. 4. 2) Don’t spam your readers Here’s another big reason most people unsubscribe from email lists – content overload. Getting an email every day is a bit too much. One to two emails a week is the reasonable amount you should strive for. And, let’s be honest – sending emails is never going to be your primary job as a freelancer. So chances are, you can’t really offer quality content seven days a week, there’s just not enough time. A lot of annoying emails aren’t getting you anywhere. Don’ts of freelancer Email Lists
  5. 5. Don’ts of freelancer Email Lists 3) Don’t include too many images Images are the plague of newsletters. They make them much bigger than they have to be and are often not even being displayed to the reader. That’s because most email clients skip downloading that external content until the user gives them the permission. Let’s say you worked hard on your newsletter and included five big, beautiful images that put the whole thing together. That’s great, but you always have to imagine how it will look to someone who doesn’t download that content. And five empty image boxes after each paragraph look terrible.
  6. 6. 1) Do offer extra content Let’s look at what you should do. First and foremost, email lists should provide value to their readers. If everything you’re including in the email is on your site as well, it doesn’t feel special. And that’s how you have to make your customers feel if you want them to stay on board. Make them part of a club that gets more than your average site visitor. Do’s of freelancer email lists
  7. 7. 2) Do include call for action Having a call for action is a step you absolutely cannot afford to miss. After all, that’s what your email lists are all about – enticing your readers to make use of your services or buy a certain product. Call of actions can come in many different forms, but they have to stick out. Make the button pop by increasing its size or giving it a different color than the rest. Placing it at the end of the email is another way to make sure readers look at it after they’ve been convinced by the content. Do’s of freelancer email lists
  8. 8. Do’s of freelancer email lists 3) Do optimize for mobile Last but not least, optimizing for mobile is absolutely something you just cannot disregard anymore. Just today I learned that Facebook gets 84% of its ad revenue from mobile users. That’s a huge number and should give you an idea of just how many people use their mobile phones to connect to the Internet. So make sure that email lists look good on a mobile device. You might be robbing yourself of a huge number of potential clients if you don’t. If you’re willing to give E-mail marketing a try and add it to your marketing strategy, also don’t miss our article “7 E-Mail Writing Apps to Rock your E-Mails”
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