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SW2 Week10 Slide s1170156 Saki Seino


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Published in: Technology
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SW2 Week10 Slide s1170156 Saki Seino

  1. 1. High-speed Dial-up ●High-speed Dial-up ●Acceleration servers ●File compression ●Filtering ●Caching S1170156 Saki Seino
  2. 2. ●High-speed Dial-up  Today, we don't have enough time, so speed is very important.  New technology that connect to network quickly is called “High-speed Dial-up.”  The handshake protocol is how to modem connection. Handshake protocol separate two process.  The first half is the modem initializing the Internet connection. We can call it “modem handshake.”  The second half is software handshake.
  3. 3. ●Acceleration Servers  Not use Acceleration  Use Acceleration servers... Servers...  Your machine:Hello!  Your machine:Hello!  ISP server:Hello.  ISP server:Hello. Aren't  machine:I'm John's you John Smith's computer. computer?  server:John who?  Machine: Yes! His  Machine:John smith. account number is *****.  Server:I know many John  server:OK. Go ahead. You smith. have access.  Machine:He is your customer.  Server:What is account number?  Machine:******.  server:OK. You have access.
  4. 4. ●File Compression  If you want to show  Acceleration web page, your  HTML/Java-based Web computer need to pages download many kinds  Text of file quickly!  JPG/GIF  Acceleration server  E-mail is very important!  NOT Acceleration  But some file don't  Streaming media keep pace  Secure Web pages Acceleration server  Music/photos sent as yet. e-mail attachment  Downloads
  5. 5. ●Filtering  When you type a URL into the address bar,you request for a specific page.  If that page uses pop-up advertising, first, your computer block the pop-up.  It is called “Filtering.”
  6. 6.  The first time your browser loads a Web ●Caching page, it has to load entire things.  If the browser saves the images and text, then the second time it loads the same page it can check for duplicates.  If image has not changed, there is no need to download it again.  That system is called”Caching.”