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Involvement of software companies in oss - serli-jerome petit - f os-sa2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Involvement of software companies in oss - serli-jerome petit - f os-sa2011

  1. 1. Involvement of Software Engineering companies in OSS contributions : a virtuous circle 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  2. 2. A few words about SERLI● Software engineering company based in France● 65 people● 80% of the business is Java-related● Small company working for big ones● OSS contribution : 10% of workforce● @SerliFr 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  3. 3. Fewer words about me● Lead New Information Systems activities at SERLI● Injected massive Open Source contribution in the business model of the company in 2005● Poitou-Charentes JUG leader● @jeromepetit 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  4. 4. Involvement in OSS contribution● We offer engineering time to OSS projects● From a few days to tens of man-monthes 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  5. 5. Targeted projects● Editors projects e.g. GlassFish, JBoss, Sonar● Community projects e.g. JOnAS, Selenium● Home-made projects e.g. JaasLounge 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  6. 6. Nature of contributions● Bug fixes● Satellite features● Core features From day-to-day production needs... cutting-edge innovation 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  7. 7. What to contribute & When● Community-driven● Editor-driven → features are choosen with community managers & project leaders → contribution planning matches project roadmap & release plan 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  8. 8. Examples of contributions● GlassFish : versionning, vmware support● Ceylon : Eclipse IDE support● Sonar : i18n support● Infinispan : CDI support● Weld : Weld-OSGi● JOnAS : JASPIC implementation● Selenium : Webdriver integration● Hibernate Validator : message interpolator● 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  9. 9. How it actually does change things● Impact on organization● Impact on business● Impact on human beings 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  10. 10. Impact on organization● Visibility, credibility, attractivity → We work on world-class projects → Editors & communities share the credit : blog articles, citations in conferences, twitter... → Our engineers talk at JavaOne, Devoxx... 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  11. 11. Impact on business 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  12. 12. Impact on business● It is easier to convince new customers to come● We also gain new spontaneous customers 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  13. 13. Impact on business● Cutting-edge visible contribution allows to gain new business cases & higher-end missions● New business cases : implementing features editors customers are asking for → Sonar i18n is sponsorized by customers, managed by SonarSource, developed by SERLI 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  14. 14. Impact on business● People involved once in a visible OSS contribution have a quite full agenda 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  15. 15. Impact on businessSERLI evolution, from 2005 to 2010 :● Total revenue : 1850 K€ → 4150 K€● Java revenue : 10% → 80%● New deals : classical solicitation → spontaneaous demand 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  16. 16. Impact on humans 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  17. 17. Impact on humans✔ 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  18. 18. Impact on humans✔✔ 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  19. 19. Impact on humans✔✔✘ 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  20. 20. Impact on humans✔✔✘✘ 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  21. 21. Impact on humans✔✔?✘✘ 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  22. 22. Impact on humans✔✔✔✘✘ 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  23. 23. Impact on humans● OSS development is a school of quality & transparency● People learn different engineering cultures● Developers can realize their potential● Shy people can become brillant orators → OSS contributors become better professionals 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  24. 24. Impact on humans27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  25. 25. Virtuous circle(s) Contribution Credit Visibility High-end recruitmentRevenue++ Skills++ High-end missions New customers 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  26. 26. Virtuous circle(s) Contribution Business ++ Quality ++ Credit Visibility High-end recruitmentRevenue++ Skills++ High-end missions New customers 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  27. 27. Sustainability of the model● Keep good balance between business & contribution● Avoid developer overload (super-heroe myth)● Deliver the right software at the right time : contribution has to be well-managed 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  28. 28. A few things I would like to share● Challenging core features are the best choice : they give adrenaline & credibility... if you are good :)● Manage contribution as any other project in the company... or the inverse● Check that developers do not forget to sleep 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  29. 29. A few things I would like to share● Community managers & project leaders are COOL● Give all that you can : 100x returns guaranteed 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  30. 30. Acknowledgements● JOnAS team, Benoît Pelletier, Florent Benoît, Jacques Cayuela, Guillaume Sauthier & all the Grenoble gang● GlassFish team : Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Hong Zhang, Jérôme Dochez, Tim Quinn & so many others● Anil Gaur, VP Java Platform @Oracle● JBoss guys : Emmanuel Bernard, Pete Muir, Ales Justin, Gavin King● Selenium folks from Google & Saucelabs● Olivier Gaudin from SonarSource● The whole SERLI team 27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT
  31. 31. Questions ?27/10/2011 Jérôme PETIT