Road Bike to Tri Bike = 5 MPH Faster 2016


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A presentation on how much speed different fit, set-up and equipment variables can make. The presentation shows an item by item test case from standard road bike to fully equipped triathlon bike.

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Road Bike to Tri Bike = 5 MPH Faster 2016

  1. 1. Ride Up To 5 MPH Faster.Ride Up To 5 MPH Faster. No Extra Training Required.No Extra Training Required. Presented by Ian Buchanan Founder of Peabody & Lexington, MA - Ridgefield Park, NJ - Waitsfield, VT
  2. 2. Baseline – Road Bike PositionBaseline – Road Bike Position  Hoods Based Riding Position.  Standard Cycling Jersey.  Lightweight Road Helmet.  Clean chain with low friction. lubricant (6 watt/~50 second savings on its own!)  Box section rim and standard mid-level tires.  Average speed of 19.0 mph at 210 watts. Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:18:12/5:52:22
  3. 3. #1 – Triathlon-Specific Position#1 – Triathlon-Specific Position  Triathlon specific position that is optimized for comfort, power and aerodynamics. Power hasn’t changed; rider is not working any harder.  Lowest cost per second benefit. Get a Rider First Bike Fitting before doing anything else. Speed Improvement: 2-3 mphSpeed Improvement: 2-3 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 8:10Time Savings Olympic Distance: 8:10 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 36:50Time Savings Ironman Distance: 36:50 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:10:02/5:15:34
  4. 4. #2 – Aerodynamic Wheels#2 – Aerodynamic Wheels  80mm deep aerodynamic wheelset w/high quality bearings.  Reduces aero drag and mechanical friction at all speeds.  1-2 minutes per hour of time savings depending on conditions and wheelset. Speed Improvement: 0.54 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.54 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:41Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:41 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 7:35Time Savings Ironman Distance: 7:35 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:08:21/5:07:59
  5. 5. #3 – Super Bike Aero Frame#3 – Super Bike Aero Frame  Wind Tunnel optimized aero frames rival the best aero wheels for time savings.  Up to 1-2 minutes per hour time savings depending on the frame and conditions.  Get fit before selecting your frame. Rider Matched Bike Selection means no compromise. Speed Improvement: 0.53 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.53 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:39Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:39 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 7:26Time Savings Ironman Distance: 7:26 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:06:42/5:00:33
  6. 6. #4 – Race Tires#4 – Race Tires  Fast rolling race tires will save over a minute compared to their durable “bomb-proof” training tire counterparts.  Be selective in your choice as the fastest tires may compromise puncture resistance.  Case study rider improved 1:17 going from year-round training tires to low rolling resistance race tires. Speed Improvement: 0.44 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.44 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:17Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:17 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 5:47Time Savings Ironman Distance: 5:47 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:05:25/4:54:46
  7. 7. #5 – Aero Helmet#5 – Aero Helmet  Aero helmets smooth the airflow over the riders head and reduce drag.  A smooth transition from helmet to back is a great match.  Some shorter aero road helmets can offer similar advantage to longer helmets for some riders.  Time savings of 30-75 seconds per hour are typical compared to a road helmet. Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:04:17/4:49:40 Speed Improvement: 0.40 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.40 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:08Time Savings Olympic Distance: 1:08 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 5:06Time Savings Ironman Distance: 5:06
  8. 8. #6 – Aerobar#6 – Aerobar  Change road drop bar with clip-on to a well- designed aerobar.  30-60 seconds per hour savings.  Fit Note: Do not compromise riding position to use an aerobar that is not adjustable enough for your needs! Speed Improvement: 0.34 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.34 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:56Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:56 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 4:12Time Savings Ironman Distance: 4:12 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:03:21/4:45:27
  9. 9. #7 – Trisuit#7 – Trisuit  2-piece tri suits are good, 1-piece tri suits are even faster.  Size properly – Not too tight, but make sure nothing is loose or flapping.  Swapping a well-fit cycling jersey for a tri suit can save up to a minute per hour. Speed Improvement: 0.31 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.31 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:48Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:48 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 3:36Time Savings Ironman Distance: 3:36 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:02:33/4:41:51
  10. 10. #8 – Latex Tubes#8 – Latex Tubes  The hidden gem in low cost speed gains.  30 seconds per hour savings compared to standard butyl tubes.  Inflate tires before each ride, but don’t overinflate as it will increase your rolling resistance.  Leave your spare tube butyl if you use Co2. Latex tubes do not hold Co2 well! Speed Improvement: 0.2 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.2 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:34Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:34 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 2:33Time Savings Ironman Distance: 2:33 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:01:59/4:39:18
  11. 11. #9 – Bearing & Pulley Upgrades#9 – Bearing & Pulley Upgrades  Available in bottom brackets, wheel hubs & some derailleur pulleys.  1-4 watt reduced friction = 5-20 seconds per hour.  Most race wheels have high quality steel bearings from the factory.  Bottom brackets are the best place for most people to upgrade bearings first.  High grade steel bearings offer very similar performance to ceramic at a lower price and often with less maintenance.  OS Pulleys offer 0-3 watts, depending on baseline system and frame. Speed Improvement: 0.02 mphSpeed Improvement: 0.02 mph Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:10Time Savings Olympic Distance: 0:10 Time Savings Ironman Distance: 0:46Time Savings Ironman Distance: 0:46 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:01:49/4:38:32
  12. 12. Where did the time savings come from?Where did the time savings come from? tri position 50% aero wheels 10% aero frame 10% race tires 8% aero helmet 7% aerobar 6% trisuit 5% latex tubes 3% bearings 1%
  13. 13. Is Optimizing Your Fit & Equipment Worth It?Is Optimizing Your Fit & Equipment Worth It? Baseline Road Position Power File All Changes & Tri Position Power File Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:01:49/4:38:32 Bike Split Time Olympic/IM: 1:18:12/5:52:22 Total Speed Improvement: 4.9 mphTotal Speed Improvement: 4.9 mph Total Time Savings Olympic Distance: 16:23!Total Time Savings Olympic Distance: 16:23!
  14. 14. Grab a brochure for your coupon!Grab a brochure for your coupon! Visit our booth for more information!Visit our booth for more information!