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Fortune 1000 HR Leader Survey Results


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Fortune 1000 HR Leader Survey Results

  1. 1. Conversations with Fortune 1000 HR leaders: Recruiting Strategies and Trends
  2. 2. Part Human, Part Technology LineHire the sponsor of this research is an on-demand recruiting technology that delivers quality candidates interested in your job openings. Learn more at HR executives, leaders and more specifically talent acquisition specialists have been scratching their heads over how to answer questions such as: · How to reduce hiring costs? · How to measure quality of hire? · How reduce time to hire? We conducted 13 in-depth phone interviews with Human Resource leaders of Fortune 1000 companies from across different industries. Our goal was to figure out what are companies doing now, what are the looking to do in the future and how can tech solutions help facilitate their efforts. (919) 590-3640
  3. 3. Internal vs External What are your overall recruiting strategies internal, external or both? ‘Do we build it or do we buy it?’ is a useless debate in the 21st century because you have to do both,” - Boris Groysberg, Harvard Business School 9 out of 13 of our interviewees would agree with this statement (919) 590-3640
  4. 4. Internal vs External What are your overall recruiting strategies internal, external or both? “We have internally sourced recruiters and I don’t believe outsourced recruiters can find talent better suited for our company than we can” - 99.5% Internal - The Global Talent Acquisition Leader of a west coast software programming company “We use a combination internal and external, however we work very closely to do a lot of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) with IBM” - 60%-70% External - Director of Talent Acquisition for an education company “Combination, trying to get to 80% internal and 20% percent. Internal recruiters understand the company better and have better understandings.” - 80% Internal 20% External -Vice President of Talent at a Beauty company (919) 590-3640
  5. 5. What is your ATS? Regardless of whether your team’s recruit process is internally or externally focused, an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a must have for recruiters. ATS & Industry Taleo: Computer Software, Medical Appliances, professional services, security systems, aviation, videogames Proprietary System: Professional Services Brassring: Software and Programming Salesforce: Video games Silk Road: Lifescience iCIMS: Education SABA: Beauty (919) 590-3640
  6. 6. What is interesting is that most of our HR leaders LOVE LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great online resume tool that allows recruiters to find passive candidates who have the skills they desire. “I tell everyone to add me on Linkedin, it is a tool you have to use in today’s world” - Director of Talent Acquisition for an Aviation company Views on Popular Hiring Tools (919) 590-3640
  7. 7. Hiring Metrics by Industry What hiring metrics are you looking to improve the most? Time to Hire: Video Games, Medical Appliances, Recreational Goods Stickiness: Computer Software Customer Service: Professional Services Professional Services: Computer Software Performance: Video Games Cost Per Hire: Life Science Quality of Hire: Security Systems, Education, Professional Services, Software and Programming. Growing Employees: Aviation What Hiring Metrics Are You Looking to Improve The Most? (919) 590-3640
  8. 8. So How Do You Measure “Quality of Hire” “I look at percentage of college students and interns; their value to the organization and I ask if their is performance and trajectory better than average.” - VP of Global Talent Acquisition at software & programming company “We look at if the employee stayed for one year and use performance reviews” - Director of Talent Acquisition at security company “That is the question that everyone in talent acquisition is trying to figure out” - Director of Talent Acquisition at education company (919) 590-3640
  9. 9. What are your biggest pain points? Employer brands have been a hot topic lately in the media and ironically a couple of our interviewees discussed this with us as one of their pain points. “ It can become difficult when you don’t have a strong employer brand because it is the foundation. We bought glassdoor page because of authenticy.” - Director of Talent Acquisition at Security Company “Finding skillsets and trying to convince them to come to the company despite the media.” - Director of Talent Acquisition at Education Company Other common pain points include: ● Finding great talent ● Competition ● Getting candidates to move ● Finding the right skill sets (919) 590-3640
  10. 10. How do you describe your firm’s process for finding and qualifying new candidates? “Get more diverse pipeline, I’m a big twitter and linkedin guy. I am currently looking into snapchat” - Director of Talent Acquisition at Aviation Company “The organization identifies a need, then benchmarks with other companies, select vendors and solutions to consider, and then we makes a decision” - Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Software & Programming company. “Pilot and metrics before rolling out further” - Vice President of Talent at Beauty Company Qualifying and improving tools (919) 590-3640