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Fintech Belgium Summit 2017 - Tech Impact - API's by Eric Rodriguez


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API's by Eric Rodriguez

Published in: Business
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Fintech Belgium Summit 2017 - Tech Impact - API's by Eric Rodriguez

  1. 1. APIs The building blocks of the FinTech ecosystem
  2. 2. Digital Transformation Agencies Web & Mobile Digital Wallet Bank as a ServiceGold
  3. 3. Everything is a remix Source:
  4. 4. Opportunity Bank as a Platform Source:
  5. 5. Network Revolutions Paul Baran 1962
  6. 6. Artificial Intelligence Privacy (GDPR)Open Banking (PSD2) Security & Identity BlockchainDigital Services
  7. 7. If data is the new oil APIs are the pipelines
  8. 8. built a business graph combining all the available information on companies and directors. With daily data consolidation, the business graph is always fresh & up-to-date. Moreover, all the historical information is also available to allow in-depth risk analysis. Valuable Business Information Companies Persons Locations Documents
  9. 9. How to leverage fintech APIs ? 3 key benefits from real-life applications Business information Predictive CRM Enrichment and cleansing Automatic forms Mandates Ultimate Beneficiary Owner Business graph Link checker Email scoring Prospection Automation Risk analysis
  10. 10. Improve User Experience Automatic form filler Smart autocomplete Less input errors Boost conversion Complete a business registration form in seconds Custom validation Advanced data fields available
  11. 11. Whitelabel UBO Platform Save time & minimize errors Pre-filled digital forms Easy back-office integration Centralized database
  12. 12. Discover Business Links Check companies, persons, addresses Historical data points Easy to customize scoring model In-depth exploration Available via Web interface or API Dynamic Risk Analysis Belfius Bank Belfius Lease
  13. 13. Avoid disposable email Validate business link Custom scoring model Email Scoring Digital onboarding is becoming the main acquisition channel. Your first channel towards the customer is via e-mail. Validating email is critical to ensure swift process interactions. Email scoring provides a key solution to support your systems and ease the customer onboarding into new digital products & services.
  14. 14. Eric Rodriguez Let’s discuss how you can improve your business efficiency by leveraging APIs… @wavyx