Hispanic Shopper Close Up Study Prospectus


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Hispanic Shopper Syndicated Research

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Hispanic Shopper Close Up Study Prospectus

  1. 1. Meyers Research CenterMeyers Research Center is a leading retail Take an In-Depth Look at Behaviors,sales and survey research organization withspecial expertise in conducting research in retail Attitudes and Decision Makingenvironments and understanding shopper Patterns of Hispanic Shoppersbehaviors and attitudes in-store.For more than three decades, MRC has Hispanicconducted primary research across allclasses-of-trade in the U.S. and Canada formajor packaged goods manufactures, retailers,advertising and sales promotion agencies and Shopperconsulting firms.For More Information Contact:George Brown IIGBrown@meyersresearch.com Close-Up Hispanic ShopperFrances Glick 2012 Close-Up 2012FGlick@meyersresearch.comJeff FriedlaenderJFriedlaender@meyersresearch.com Syndicated ResearchMeyers Research Center1440 Broadway 23 FloorNew York, NY 10018212.391.0166www.meyersresearch.comwww.meyersresearch.wordpress.com Hispanic Shopper 1440 Broadway 23 Floor Close-Up 2012 Meyers Research Center New York, NY 10018 MEYERS MEYERS RESEARCH RESEARCH CENTER CENTER
  2. 2. BACKGROUND STUDY SAMPLE • What are the differences by Hispanic acculturation levelMeyers Research Center (MRC) will launch the • How do Hispanics differ from General A random sample of 2,000 adult Hispanicsfirst wave of the Hispanic Shopper Close-Up Study Market shoppers on these measures and approximately 1,000 adult Non-Hispanicsin 2012. The Hispanic Shopper Close-Up Study will (General Market) will be interviewed onlineprovide valuable shopper insights into Hispanic about their habits/behaviors/opinions across RESEARCH DATA COLLECTIONconsumers’ shopping behaviors, attitudes and an assortment of retail channels.decision-making patterns across retail outlets(e.g. Supermarkets, Dollar Stores, Drug Stores, MRC will use a hybrid methodology to collect The online data collection will be precededMass Merchandisers, Convenience Stores, Clubs information about the Hispanic consumer with ethnographic interviews to provideand Bodegas/Small Neighborhood Grocers). shopping experience. This will include an directional insights. online in-depth survey and ethnographicSimilar to MRC’s other syndicated Close-Up interviews. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESStudies (Convenience Store Close-Up, Dollar StoreClose-Up, Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up Ethnographic interviews will establish the influences shaping Hispanic shoppers’ attitudes You can obtain a tremendous amount ofand Drug Store Close-Up), the insights developed information at a fraction of the cost offrom this research will provide a powerful tool for and behaviors along the path-to-purchase. This methodology will include observations and undertaking this study independently.shopper insights/category managers, channel andsales strategists and advertising/merchandising interviews with consumers both at home And if you act quickly, you may submit a customplanners to effectively target this growing segment. (pre-purchase) and in the store (during purchase). question that will remain proprietary to you at no extra cost!STUDY OBJECTIVE Online, a sample of 2,000 Hispanic shoppers will be probed in-depth about recent store visits. COSTThe primary focus of this program is to developa better understanding of Hispanic shopping Sponsorships, which will include comprehensivebehaviors and how these may differ both by level data tabulations, detailed analysis and a finalof acculturation, as well as from behaviors exhibited written report, are available for $21,000.by the General Market.Specifically, this study will provide insights about MEYERSfactors that drive store selection, store loyalty andswitching, in general and across broad product RESEARCHcategory groupings such as Food, Beverages,Snacks, Household Products and HBC. CENTERThis Program will address the following: • What formats and chain are Hispanics shopping for various categories • What is the profile of the Hispanic shopper by store format • What factors are driving store selection • What are the underlying dynamics of the store visit by channel: ° What preparations are made prior to the visit? ° What are destination categories? Which categories are impulse buys? ° What are the key in-store influencers? ° Total amount spent