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Shiva Shanti Yoga Growth Plan Power Point


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Growth Plan for Shiva Shanti Yoga

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Shiva Shanti Yoga Growth Plan Power Point

  1. 1. What is Shiva Shanti Yoga?Shiva refers to auspicious transformation and shanti means peace. We provide an Educational Center for Yogic Studies in New Jersey. Shiva Shanti Yoga is dedicated to teaching the sacred, study, art, science and philosophy of yoga. We host inspirational and educational workshops and bring highly skilled yoga teachers from all over the world to educate our students and teachers. Currently we are looking to solidify a cost effective well structured business model in order to open 2 more locations. Shiva Shanti Yoga will be self publishing its first book and training manual Shiva ShantiYoga and Felise Berman Produced aTelevision Pilot called Yoga Lifestyles.11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Registered Trademark 2
  2. 2.  What makes my school unique is my complete devotion to living yoga. I have 12 years of experience as a full time Yoga Teacher and I have dedicated my Life to Yoga, the management and development of Shiva ShantiYoga and Its school, our teacher training program Produced and Released my First Yoga CD in 2009 shooting a yoga video in January 2012. Currently I am Recording my Next Yoga Relaxation CD. I designed and created the Method of Shiva Shanti Yoga based on Hatha Yoga.11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Registered Trademark Felise Berman E-RYT 3
  3. 3.  Currently there are 3 competitive studios in the next targeted area for Shiva Shanti Yoga School We have access t0 geo analytic software that maps out the region we are looking at and gives access to our targeted market and all its statistics. This unique report provides geoanalytical data that can help to appropriately place promotions, design marketing strategy, and provide insight on where to open a new location for your business. The report uses all of your clients addresses to render a Bing (made by Microsoft) map which allows you to generate a map with icons showing each of your clients, prospects, and companies based on their physical locations11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Registered Trademark 4
  4. 4.  We bring a growing need for awareness on healthy living teaching yoga principles to the our local community Shiva Shanti Yoga focuses on peace in all forms, unity and education through yoga. Shiva Shanti Yoga intends to create a successful business model that promotes peace, integrity and prosperity while promoting service to all. There can be no shortage of teachers and yoga students who have a reverence for peaceful living, the environment and living healthy lifestyle . In this fast passed society it is my goal to teach an appreciation for movement and breath, instill integrity, create peace and model a healthy lifestyle using the ancient system of yoga as my platform11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Rzegistered Trademark International Kirtan artist with 2009 Graduates 5
  5. 5.  Ages: 26-40. Sex: 30% male, 70% female. Family Income: $30,000-$50,000. Health/Lifestyle Issues: Active individuals that is focused on healthy food and dieting. Over 70% of this group is members of gyms. Approximately, 40% of potential customers have taken yoga classes before. Social Pattern: Will more likely attend as part of group. We have 3 classes a day 7 days a week . Yoga is proven to reduce stress classes can be attended as group activity or alone.11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Registered Trademark 6
  6. 6.  The current barrier I am facing is finding a n affordable support staff that would like to grow within the company. I have taken a Yoga Studio that was losing money in this current economy and doubled its income in 3 years. Over the Next 3 Years I plan to open 2 more locations in New Jersey I am adding the 500 hour training program for Yoga Teachers Plans to Travel abroad and teach the Shiva Shanti Yoga Method in a 6 week training program currently with an offer in Beirut Self publish a book and training manual Produce and developed a Television Pilot called Yoga Lifestyles that has been reviewed by the networks currently creating next CD Yoga Nidra Yoga for Concentration, Rejuvenation and Regeneration.11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Registered Trademark This 7
  7. 7.  I am looking for an affordable productive team that could free me from day to day operations Developing Shiva ShantiYoga and its training programs Scouting locations for the next location. Build a team and train teachers in anticipation of expanding. We are launching a continuing Education program for Yoga Teachers In development is a clothing line, yoga prop line, raw food and gluten free line and organic aroma therapies.11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Registered Trademark 8
  8. 8.  2001 Graduated from Jivamukti NYC Yoga Teacher Training program one year teacher training program and became a yoga teacher at this prestigious and trendy school 2004 master trainer for Ballys Total Fitness Chicago. Tri-State Region Received a grant to study in India from the NOK foundation 2005 and graduated from Bihar Yoga Institute in Munger India. 2006 Produced and Created Yoga Lifestyles a TV show 2008 bought first Yoga Studio 2009 Developed Shiva Shanti Yoga Training 2011 3 year mark in business without showing a loss 2012 Offer to bring Teacher Training Beirut, Lebanon currently in negotiation 2012 Complete Training Manual 2012 Release Next CD11/26/2011 Shiva Shanti Yoga is a Registered Trademark 9