Internet Librarian 2012: Library as Content Creator


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Inspired by the idea that libraries could be content creators, the Escondido Public Library decided to enhance its digital collection by capturing and sharing the knowledge of local experts through videos and podcasts. The LibraryYOU project, funded by a California State Library LSTA grant, consists of a website that showcases the collection (, a recording studio, and public training classes encouraging patrons to share their knowledge and learn how to communicate through new digital multimedia formats.

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Internet Librarian 2012: Library as Content Creator

  1. 1. Sharing Local Knowledge Donna Feddern Digital Services Manager Escondido Public Library
  2. 2. Inspiration
  3. 3. Goals1. Expand digital collection of local knowledge.2. Empower community members to createtheir own digital content.
  4. 4. LibraryYOU is: A recording studio A website Public training
  5. 5. Recording Studio
  6. 6. Team
  7. 7. Website
  8. 8. Website
  9. 9. Digital Collection
  10. 10. Digital Collection
  11. 11. Publicity Tool
  12. 12. Publicity & Outreach
  13. 13. Publicity & Outreach
  14. 14. Success Stories
  15. 15. Success Stories
  16. 16. On a shoestring Place to host content Webcam or digital video recorder Microphone Free video and audio editing software (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity) Staff or volunteer who knows video/audio recording and editing or is willing to learn
  17. 17. Libraries with Media Labs Chicago Public LibraryPublic Library Media Labs  Barrington Public Library, IL  Ela Area Public Library, IL Skokie Public Library  Forest Park Public Library, IL Digital Media Lab  StoryLab @ Tacoma Public Library, WA  Lomira Quadgraphics Community Library, WI  Brownsburg Public Library, IN
  18. 18. For more information Contact: Donna Feddern @infoexplora on Twitter LibraryYOU blog LibraryYOU website: