L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: B by Aperire @ Project Ethos


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L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: B by Aperire @ Project Ethos

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L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: B by Aperire @ Project Ethos

  1. 1. L.A. Fashion Week Highlight: B by Aperire @ ProjectEthosHey fashionistas! LA Fashion Week showcases more nontraditional fashion designerplatforms than any you’ll see across the world. Growing larger and larger with everyyear that passes Project Ethos is one of the biggest stages for fashion; art and music.By fusing together a fashion runway show, live music performances and art show inone space, Project Ethos creates a very unique fashion week experience. We havemore highlights from the Project Ethos runway show below. This time we’re taking alook at B by Aperire.
  2. 2. The model pictured above is wearing a tan and blue color block overall minidress. The simplistic dress features dropped armholes and with a pop of electricblue underneath. The outfit is finished with a gold cuff bracelet, statement ring andmatching electric blue booties. We especially like the dramatic makeup art on themodels eyes that coordinates with the rest of the outfit perfectly.
  3. 3. Starting from the floor and moving up, the next model is wearing a pair of white,black and yellow futuristic mid calf zebra print sneakers, paired with peg miniskirt,with a sweetheart corset. What’s attractive about this outfit is the harmony of theneutral color block earth tone nudes and browns. We also appreciate the zebra printbracelet with the long hanging tassels. This outfit has good amount of noticeabletrendy elements. This look works well with the zebra stripe warrior paint makeup.
  4. 4. Last, we spotted this tan long sleeve mini dress made of vinyl fabric. We love the waythis uncommon fabric loosely hugs the models frame as she struts down the runway(you can tell she likes it too). The simple dress is paired with some ultra hot lace topsheer black stockings and knee high fringe boots providing an added bit of flare tothe otherwise basic dress. Finishing touches include a pair of black and white longstreamer earrings and a bit of war paint makeup cover one eye. We love this lookoverall.
  5. 5. We enjoyed the simplicity that B by Aperire showcased at Ethos. While the pieceswe’re presented with a great many detail we were left wanting to see more, which is agood sign for any designer’s show. Current trends seen in this collection are colorblocking, animal print, fringe, gold cuffs and sheer stockings. What did you think ofthe highlights? Let us know.Thanks for keeping it locked at www.wikifashionista.com, your source for what’strending in fashion now.