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How equipment rental software can benefit the bike rental Industry


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Here is how equipment rental software can increase operational efficiency, customer reach and help match customer demand for the bike rental industry.

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How equipment rental software can benefit the bike rental Industry

  1. 1. How Equipment Rental Software Helps the Bike Rental Industry
  2. 2. Competitionin the bike rental industry is pushing smaller companies out of the mix.
  3. 3. To Compete Bike Rentals Businesses Must Match Customer Demand with Inventory Needs Improve Operational Efficiency Attract More Business
  4. 4. Match Customer Demand and Inventory Needs
  5. 5. Step 1: Catalog all inventory items and bikes using equipment rental software.
  6. 6. Step 2: Track inventory and bikes using Barcode/QRCode scanning
  7. 7. Step 3: Use the reporting features to gain insights and understand renting patterns
  8. 8. Step 4: Take appropriate actions Order in-demand equipment well in advance Track maintenance needs of in-demand equipment Save costs by weeding out unwanted equipment Prevent unnecessary purchase of equipment
  9. 9. Improve Operational Efficiency
  10. 10. (First Point of Contact)
  11. 11. Improve operations by automating equipment tracking Instantly look up items and availability details Hassle-free interaction with customers Improve customer experience Retain customers and make a sale!
  12. 12. Draft orders and generate invoices Collect booking deposits and payments Provide additional support e.g. bike repair Pull up brochures, maps and manuals to guide customers Get signatures for rental agreements and waivers
  13. 13. Pull up customer orders Verify returned items through scanning Immediately identify any missing or damaged equipment Collect payment, charge for any damages and return security deposits Retain customers and increase referrals!
  14. 14. Attract More Business
  15. 15. Equipment Rental Software enables bike rental businesses to have an online webstore! Increases customer reach Allows for stores to be open 24/7 Automatically syncs with the real time changes in inventory eliminating the need to manually update inventory and webstores – a method which is both inefficient and error prone. Read More: Why Bike Rental Business’ Need Online Rental Software
  16. 16. For more information read our whitepaper on ‘HowThe Bike Rental Industry Benefits From Equipment Rental Software’
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