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Calls euro arab-youth_leaders-arab-fin


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Calls euro arab-youth_leaders-arab-fin

  1. 1. 0207-12 Global Cooperation Call for Arab participants Euro-Arab and Mediterranean Youth Leaders Meeting: Networking and Partnership Development Rome, Italy, 7-12 May, 2012 APPLICATION DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY 21ST OF MARCH, 2012, 10:00 PM (CET)In briefHow can youth contribute to shaping the relationship between Europe and the Arabworld? In a changing political climate of both hope and concern, there is a great needfor the youth to express a clear vision for our shared future.The Italian National Youth Council (FNG) in partnership with the European YouthForum and with the support of the European Commission – Youth in ActionProgramme is organising a meeting for European and Arab youth leaders with theaim of developing dialogue and a common vision on issues pertaining to youthcooperation.BackgroundIn new political context in the Mediterranean and Arab region, there is a need inrefreshing the political dialogue among all relevant stakeholders and supporting thecapacity building on an independent civil society. For the youth sector, this meansstronger youth-led organisations and the establishment of umbrella organisations atsuch as National Youth Councils.Over the last years, FNG has been supporting the European Youth Forum in thedialogue and cooperation with the Mediterranean and Arab region focusing oncapacity building, volunteering and youth rights.From this work, developed in partnership with the Council of Europe (CoE), theLeague of Arab States (LAS), the World Bank – MENA Region and the organisationsparticipating in the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations,emerged the Euro-Arab Coordination Meetings of Youth Organisations (EACMYO)and the participation of European youth representatives in the Youth Forums of theLeague of Arab States and other inter-regional meetings.The 1st EACMYO took place in Amman, Jordan, in November 2008, preceding the2nd LAS Youth Forum on “Youth and the Intercultural Dialogue”. The meetingadopted the Framework for Euro-Arab Cooperation Amongst Youth Organisations, astatement of principles and recommendations regarding the Euro-Arab youth 1
  2. 2. 0207-12 Global Cooperationcooperation. The 2nd EACMYO was organised in November 2009, in Assilah,Morocco, in the frame of the 3rd LAS Youth Forum on “Youth and Migrations: AHuman Rights Based Approach” that resulted in the adoption of the Assilah Appealfor facilitating youth mobility, promoting youth exchange and ensuring equality, non-discrimination and the rights of young migrants. The 3rd EACMYO was held in Tunisin July 2010, in the context of the Seminar on the "Roles of Youth Organisations inPromoting Intercultural Dialogue and Mutual Understanding", organised by LAS. TheMeeting preceded the 1st Euro-Arab Youth Conference Mare Nostrum – Youth,Migration and Development, organised by FNG in Ragusa-Sicily, Italy, in cooperationwith the Youth Forum, the CoE and LAS.Underpinning this work is the resolution on the Euro-Arab Youth Cooperation“Building bridges for development, solidarity and peace” (COMEM 0417-09) adoptedby the Council of Members of the European Youth Forum in 2009, endorsing theFramework for Euro-Arab Cooperation Amongst youth organisations.Because of the new political context in the Mediterranean and Arab region, there is aclearly defined need for strengthening cooperation and the further development ofinterregional youth cooperation process’ by promoting an enhanced political dialogueamong all relevant stakeholders, at civil society and institutional level, and theestablishment and strengthening of national and regional youth structures andpolicies in the Mediterranean and Arab region.Aims and ObjectivesThe main objectives of the “Euro-Arab and Mediterranean Youth Leaders Meeting:Networking and Partnership Development” are: • To enhance the dialogue and cooperation among civil society and institutional partners to the Europe-Mediterranean and Arab youth cooperation, moving the process forward, based on dialogue and mutual understanding; • To set a clear vision on the development of the Europe-Mediterranean and Arab youth cooperation framework, aiming to a sustainable and permanent cooperation between European and Mediterranean and Arab youth organisations; • To build a common strategy and action-oriented plan for the implementation of the recommendations resulting from the Euro-Mediterranean and Arab meetings; • To further promote the policy dialogue, capacity building and training, networking, exchanges and information sharing opportunities to establish and strengthen the national and regional youth structures and youth policies in the Mediterranean and Arab region as well as the participation of youth organisations in its development, implementation and monitoring;The event will gather around 40 European and Arab youth representatives and willconsist of a 4 day meeting where participants will take part in plenary discussionsand working groups.The meeting is expected to produce an outcome document with concrete proposalsfor a stronger Euro-Mediterranean and Arab youth cooperation framework, in the 2
  3. 3. 0207-12 Global Cooperationview of the implementation of WPAY and achievement of the internationally agreeddevelopment goals, including the MDGs.Profile of the Arab participantsA maximum of 15 will be Arab representatives selected based on their fulfillment ofthe following criteria: • Youth leaders coming from membership-based, democratic and independent organisations which have a regional scope • Representatives of National Youth Organisations that are starting up initiatives to build Independent National Federation (or Forum/Council) of youth organisations • Interested in enhancing the political dialogue and cooperation with Europe • Able to work in English • Between 18 and 35 years old • Be committed to take active part in the whole activityGender balance, geographical origin and organisational criteria will be taken intoaccount when selecting participants.Selection procedureApplicants should register and send in their nomination through the Forums onlinedatabase ( Should more nominations be received thanplaces available, we will aim to compose a group with a fair, gender balancedrepresentation, taking into account the motivation and experience of the nomineeswith regard to the above-mentioned criteria.Other technical details• Date and place of the meeting: the meeting will take place in Rome, Italy, on 7-12 May, 2012.• Travel, accommodation and meals: FNG WILL BUY FLIGHT-TICKETS FOR ARAB PARTICIPANTS UPON RECEIVING CONFIRMATION OF THE ACCEPTANCE OF A SCHENGEN VISA within 10 days from the selection. Visas costs will be covered by participants. . Participants are expected to arrive on the 07/05/2012 and leave on the 12/05/2012. For participants not based in Rome, five nights accommodation will be provided. Dinners and lunches during the event are provided by FNG.• Agenda of the meeting: will be sent to participants ahead of the meeting• Language of the meeting: EnglishDeadline Nominations, including endorsement from the nominating Member Organisation, should arrive at the European Youth Forum Secretariat before WEDNESDAY 21ST OF MARCH, 2012, 10:00 PM (CET). The selection of the participants will be finalised by the 27th of March 2012. All successful candidates will be contacted soon 3
  4. 4. 0207-12 Global Cooperation afterwards. In this confirmation will be details on how to proceed with the visa application. In order to apply please use the online application form which can be found on: For Arab participants please select the event named: ARAB PARTICIPANTS // Euro-Arab and Mediterranean Youth Leaders Meeting.ContactsFor questions, please contact FNG:Federica Cicala, International Officer,,Federica Triolo, International Officer, international@forumnazionalegiovani.itfor logisticsFNG Tel. +39 06 45476623 4