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Europe by Tandem Project


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Europe by Tandem Project. Supporting the fight against cancer

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Europe by Tandem Project

  1. 1. RecordaholicsEuropebyTandem<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Idea | currentanalysis| objectives | the plan | theproject: recordaholics | communication<br />Howdidthe idea come up?<br />Somemonthsago, two Record Goemployeespresentedtothe Record Goteam of directors a projecttosupportthefightagainst the cancer. Theprojectwasbasedon a brave and original idea involving a sportschallenge. <br />Thisinitiativewasimmediatelysupportedbytheteam of directors of ourcompany. <br />
  4. 4. Idea | currentanalysis| objectives| the plan| theproject: recordaholics |communication<br />Why Record Go and the UICC?<br />Becauseweallhave a cancerrelatedstory. <br />The UICC, in its active participation in thefightagainstthecancer, tries to connect, mobilize and support cancer organizations and individuals with knowledge and skills to be effective.<br />Record Gowantstobecomepart of thismissionthrough a social awarenesscampaign. <br />
  5. 5. Idea | currentanalysis| objectives| the plan | theproject: recordaholics | communication<br />What do wehave? <br />A teamwho are a group of verydetermined, solidary, and committedpeople.<br />Importantonline presence= diffussion<br />Excellent reputation<br />A teamof directors committedwiththeproject. <br /><ul><li>Resources and meanstodeveloptheproject. </li></li></ul><li>Idea | currentanalysis| objectives | theplan | theproject: recordaholics | communication<br />What do wewant?<br /><ul><li>Tohelpthe cause byraisingfunds
  6. 6. To spread thefightingspiritwe can havewhenfacingchallenges. Weallhave a record to beat.
  7. 7. Topromotetheactive participation of peoplewiththeobjective of involvingthecommunity in thesearchforsolutionsthatwillhelpthefightagainst the cancer. </li></ul>How are wegoingtoachievethis?<br />Through a social awarenesscampaignaimed at spreadingtheproject, thechallenge and the cause. <br />
  8. 8. Idea | currentanalysis| objectives| the plan| theproject: recordaholics | communication<br />Therefore, todeveloptheprojectweneed a plan, a foundation, anevent: THE RECORD TO BEAT<br />
  9. 9. Idea | currentanalysis | objectives| the plan | theproject: recordaholics| communication<br />recordaholicsisanattitude, a way of understandinglife as a constantchallenge. recordaholicsconsists of a group of anonymouspeoplewhowake up everymorning and “challenge” themselves and society, doing so in a cooperativeway. We are nottalkingaboutgreatdeeds, we are talkingaboutsmallachievementsthateach and everyone of ushumblyattaindayafterday, and thatmakethegreatwheel, thatislife, go round, thus, keepingusgoing. Becausehistoryisbuiltthankstooursmallstories. <br />
  10. 10. Idea | currentanalysis| objectives| the plan | theproject: recordaholics| communication<br />Ourchallenge!<br />(From North Cape to Castellón byTandemBicycle)<br />In June 2010, twomembers of Record Gowilltakeuponthemselvestheachievement of a greatchallenge, theywilltravelbytandembicyclefrom North Cape (Norway) toourheadquartes in Castellón, coveringanapproximate total of 5000 kilometers.<br />Thereason : <br />TO SUPPORT THE FIGHT AGAINST THE CANCER<br />
  11. 11. Idea |currentanalysis| objectives| the plan | theproject: recordaholics| communication<br />CommunicationCampaign<br />Objective: TO FOSTER THE LOYALTY of usersfollowingthechallenge. <br />How:Invitingto ACTIVE AND COOPERATIVE PARTICIPATION.<br />Creative Concept : recordaholics - kilometersagainstcancer(addictedto records)<br />MEDIA PLAN: <br />OFFLINE COMUNICATION<br />ONLINE COMUNICATION<br />
  12. 12. Idea | currentanalysis| objectives| the plan | theproject: recordaholics| communication<br />Actionsfor Offline Communication<br />Actions: <br /><ul><li>Everycycling fan willbeinvitedtosign up and participate in theday’sstage. Thestageswillbeavailable online. </li></ul>Ourcontributionwillbesubjectto a formula per group of participants: (number of participants · averagekmsachievedbetweenall of them) · 0.01€<br /><ul><li>In thesportsequipmentwewillhave in writing: “ kilometersagainstcancer” Therefore, wewillachievegreat“billboardvisibility”
  13. 13. Offline PR actions: wewill try toobtainrepercusion in the media and appear in allthemassiveeuropeandiffusion media as possible, news, documentaries, etc (press, radio, television…).</li></li></ul><li>Idea | currentanalysis| objectives | the plan | theproject: recordaholics| communication<br />Actionsfor Online Communication<br />Actions:<br /><ul><li>We are goingtocreate a MILEOMETER AGAINST CANCER. Individual usersidentifiedwiththe cause will record theirkilometersagainstcancer and willuploadthem in aneasywayonourYouTuberecordaholicschannel: thousands of anonymouspeople “pedalingagainstcancer” and “helpingustoaddkilometersagainstcancer” (ontheirwaytowork, on a tricycleorlearninghowtoride a bike, onrollerblades, skateboardersgoingdown a ramp, a group of peopledoing spinning...).
  14. 14. Sale of t-shirts: online merchandisingtobeused (ifwanted) ontheirkilometersagainstcancer.
  15. 15. Ranking of thekilometersmadebytheparticipants. </li></li></ul><li>Idea | currentanalysis | objectives | the plan | theproject: recordaholics| communication<br />Mileometeragainstcancer<br />Theactionsgenerate a MILEOMETER AGAINST CANCER: a progress bar withanobjective in KM = €<br />
  16. 16. Idea | currentanalisis | objectives | the plan | theproject: recordaholics| communication<br />
  17. 17. Idea | currentanalysis | objectives | the plan | theproject: recordaholics | communication<br />MEDIA PLANNING: <br />Cross Media: fedbythecontentgeneratedbyour CHALLENGE (videos and currentnews) and bythe videos of theusersloyaltothe cause. <br />1. ChannelonYoutube<br />2. Blog withthepossibility of sharing + subscribingto RSS and/orreceiving mails withthe new entries. <br />3. Videos: YouTube + Vímeo + Kewego + msn videos<br />4.Photos: Flickr + Picasa + MySpace<br />5.Social networks: FACEBOOK + TWITTER. Ontheseplatforms, itwillbe fundamental the “What are youthinking” or “What are youdoing” sections, whichwillgiveuspresenceonthenewspages and willkeepus in thememory of allour fans and followers. Besides, wewillcreate a mileometer in theform of anapplicationthatuserswillbeabletoaddtotheirprofile. <br />6.GMaps + GEarth: two social networkswheretheroute can beshared as well as comments, pictures and loading of videos recorded in thatpoint in themap. <br />7.Podcast: POD (playondemand) throughthesyndicationforiTunes and iVideo. <br />8. Widget of contentsonthe Blog forotherbloggersorwebsites. <br />
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