John Breslin, Project Lead, Eurapp and Lecturer, NUI Galway


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Shape the Future App Economy of Europe Workshop / Brussels, Belgium / 14th June 2013

John Breslin is a lecturer at the National University of Ireland Galway. He is also a research leader at DERI, the world’s premier Semantic Web research institute. John is best known for being a co-founder and director of Ltd., Ireland’s largest discussion website. More recently, John co-founded US app company StreamGlider Inc., a real-time streaming newsreader that can be private-labeled for content publishers on tablets.

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John Breslin, Project Lead, Eurapp and Lecturer, NUI Galway

  1. 1. A study of the European App EconomyJohn Breslin, DERI, NUI / @johnbreslin
  2. 2. Hashtag for the workshopYou can follow us on Twitter @eurapp
  3. 3. Digital Enterprise ResearchInstituteLeading research institute in WebScience, networked knowledge,social web and semantictechnologiesNUI GalwayEstablished in 1845, a research-led university with 17,000 studentsWho’s involved?Launched by EC’s Digital Agenda: Startup Europe initiativeGigaOM ResearchThe research analyst division oftech publisher GigaOM. Providesexpert industry analysis on thecloud, mobile, cleantech andconsumer technology sectorsGigaOMOne of the top 10 technology sitesaccording to TechMeme. 5.5-million strong community
  4. 4. John and appsStreamGlider Inc., December 2011
  5. 5. Create a European app economymodel and jobs profile usingsurveys and interviews withvarious stakeholdersAssess and model market sizeand near-term forecast/potentialProfile job types related tomobile apps and analyse thesize (how many people) of eachcategoryGenerate ideas and solve keyproblems affecting the appeconomy using crowdsourcedideation challengesWhat is Eurapp?The goals and aims are to...
  6. 6. “Apps”, what kinds of “apps”?Mobile apps, social API sets
  7. 7. “Shape the Future App Economy of Europe”Our distinguished speakers
  8. 8. 09:00 Martin Hahn, “Introduction to Startup Europe and motivation for Eurapp”09:15 John Breslin: “The Eurapp project: a study of the European app economy”09:30 David Card “Initial results from surveys / interviews with stakeholders”10:00 Coffee10:30 Lightning talks: “For growing the app economy in Europe, there are somebottlenecks that need policy action” (Peggy Anne, Ruud, Kumardev, Tanguy)10:50 Mapping session to brainstorm top hurdles and suggestions on how toovercome them12:30 Lunch13:30 Lightning talks: “Our companys measures for success in the appaftermarket, and barriers to achieving them” (Ben, Eiso, Andreas, Cornelius)13:50 Breakout mapping session to brainstorm success measures and how toachieve them15:30 Coffee16:00 Discussion around outcomes from both mapping sessionsWorking workshop scheduleThe format for the rest of the day
  9. 9. Workshop formatTalks from stakeholders on experiences, mapping sessions“For growing the app economy inEurope, there are some bottlenecksthat need policy action”Brainstorm the primary bottlenecksexperienced by European appcompanies (directly related to Europeanlocation)No UI skillzhere...We havegrads 4 U!“Our companys measures forsuccess in the app aftermarket, andbarriers to achieving them”In the app aftermarket, what are acompany’s main barriers to success inachieving their desired success metrics(monetization, downloads, etc.)?
  10. 10. Crowdsourcing solutions: July-August 2013Two innovation challenges, with prizes of $5000 each
  11. 11. Ask JohnThanks for listening.Please tell your contacts about the Eurapp project, our workshops and thecrowdsourcing ideation