Engl 102 final exam 1


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Engl 102 final exam 1

  1. 1. ENGL 102 FINAL EXAM 1 PLEASE DOWNLOAD HERE1) How the excerpt opens and how it ends ___________.2) How the story opens and how it ends ________________.3) That little Davy Hutchinson, the small son of the victim, is given a few pebblesto throw at his mother suggests that __________.4) One of the most notable ironies about the characters is that __________.5) The setting of the story is ironic because __________.6) Trevor and Blackie are minor characters in "The Rocking Horse Winner."7) The author of "Dr. Heideggers Experiment," "The Ambitious Guest," and "The8) "Although the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black box,they still remembered to use stones."9) The use of repetition is a vital signal because the author is drawing thereaders attention to something of significance.10) Perhaps the most famous recorder of fables was11) In the Age of Enlightenment, Voltaire and Rousseau hold that whatever onefinds in nature is morally correct.12) In Graham Greene‟s “The Destructors,” the statement that T‟s words “werealmost confined to voting „Yes‟ or „No‟” suggests that he is __________.13) Sir Christopher Wren designed St. Margarets Cathedral.14) "The Lottery" can be interpreted via biblical hermeneutics. Answer15) The civic-minded, progressive character in "The Lottery" was16) A pre-Reformationist, Chaucer was highly supportive of the state faith.17) A page of symbols may be called a digital code.18) T. or Trevor is the protagonist of Greenes "The Destructors."
  2. 2. 19) An example of a plot pattern is metaphysical structure.20) Sir Christopher Wren designed many structures in England in the early1500s.21) These are actual (historical) persons that appear in Hawthornes "YoungGoodman Brown," and were executed at the Salem witchcraft trials in 1692.22) The longest part of a short story, or the part that develops the conflict(s) thatwill lead to the climax, is termed23) Pre-eighteenth century men were rationalists who believed in induction-deduction.24) Old Misery was too mean to spend money on his property.25) Short fiction began in America, and Nathaniel Hawthorne added an interestin peoples personalities, emotions, and attitudes.26) In "The Rocking-Horse Winner," Hester is Pauls27) "Young Goodman Brown" was authored by28) The official for the lottery was29) Climax is when a character must choose between two courses of action, bothdesirable.30) The mother in "The Rocking Horse Winner" is truly lucky in many ways: shesbeautiful, married for love, had bonny children, and "started with all theadvantages."31) In "The Rocking Horse Winner," the irony of situation is manifested whenHester thinks shes lucky because she "married for love" and "had bonnychildren."32) At the end of the story, he is identified as "a tiger and a child."33) Plot can be manipulated to offer a surprise ending such as Poe did.34) Read this excerpt from “The Destructors” by Graham Greene and answer thequestion that follows: “Blackie lumbered nearer the saw and the sledge-hammer.Perhaps after all nobody had turned up; the plan had been a wild invention; theyhad woken wiser. But when he came close to the back door he could hear aconfusion of sound hardly louder than a hive in swarm; a clickety-clack, a bangbangbang, a scraping, a creaking, a sudden painful crack. He thought; it‟s true,and whistled.” Why is confusion an effective choice?
  3. 3. 35) The plot is the same as the works content.36) A character who is the same sort of person at the end of a work as at thebeginning.37) Close to the beginning of Graham Greene‟s “The Destructors,” thisinformation is given about the gang:The gang met every morning in an impromptu car park, the site of the last bombof the first blitz. The leader, who was known as Blackie, claimed to have heard itfall, and no one was precise enough in his dates to point out he would have beenone year old and fast asleep on the down platform of Wormsley CommonUnderground station. On one side of the car park leant the first occupied house,No.3. T, whose words were almost confined to voting „Yes‟ or „No‟ to the plan ofoperations proposed each day by Blackie…”From the passage, the evidence is given that members are disinclined to:38) Read this excerpt from “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorneand answer the question that follows:"Dearest heart," whispered [Faith], … "pray thee, put off your journey untilsunrise, and sleep in your own bed to-night. A lone woman is troubled with suchdreams and such thoughts, that shes afeard of herself, sometimes. Pray, tarrywith me this night, dear husband, of all nights in the year!""My love and my Faith," replied young Goodman Brown, "of all nights in the year,this one night must I tarry away from thee. My journey, as thou callest it, forth andback again, must needs be done twixt now and sunrise.Which of the following phrases best explains how Goodman Brown feels abouthis departure?39) "I tell you it wasnt fair. You didnt give him time enough to choose.Everybody saw that."40) Church history provides much evidence for an antipathy and hostility on thepart of Christians (the church) toward literature.41) The part of the plot that shows how the conflict is settled is called42) In this story, the protagonist blurs the distinction between "luck" and "lucre"43) Diction is one element in determining style.44) A characters point of view is always reliable.
  4. 4. 45) According to the lectures (PointCast), A Thousand and One Arabian46) "Modern man is on a bus going nowhere" may be said to be thetheme of47) The term used to describe the position from which details in a narration/shortstory are perceived and related is48) Read this excerpt from “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and answer thequestion that follows: “Mr. Summers called his own name and thenstepped forward precisely and selected a slip from the box. Then hecalled, „Warner.‟ „Seventy-seventh year I been in the lottery,‟ Old ManWarner said as he went through the crowd. „Seventy-seventh time.‟One can infer from this excerpt that not less than _____________ have“won” and fallen victim to the lottery.49) Mr. Summers, Old Man Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Adams, and Mrs.Hutchinson are characters in Hawthornes "Young Goodman Brown."50) The Greeks did little to develop literature with the notable exceptionof Virgils Aeneid.ENGL 102 TEST 1 VERSION 21) Mrs. Hutchinson is representative of the whole community because______________. AnswerSelected Answer: she does not question the lottery until it falls onher, and then she complains that it is not fair2) What human characteristic is thematized in the excerpt?3) One can conclude from the passage that ____________.4) "He sat down calmly on the bank and, as quietly as if he were seated on hiscot in an Army barracks, he unlaced his shoes, took them off, placed themtogether neatly at his side, and then stood up like a soldier, erect, in his barebleeding feet. . . ."
  5. 5. 5) The short story produces a single impression.6) The religious persuasion of Nathaniel Hawthornes ancestors was7) According to your online lessons, three perceptions can often be assigned tomodern man: Determinism, Behaviorism, and Reductionism.8) "Thats right, son!" said Uncle Oscar. "Dont you stop till you get there. Whatsthe horses name?" This quotation appears in9) "The Lottery" was authored by10) The four basic types of point of view are11) An example of verbal irony in "The Rocking Horse Winner" is the openingstatement that the mother "had no luck."12) Another possible name for a character who undergoes no change.13) "Its got a staircase two hundred years old like a corkscrew. Nothing holds itup." This quotation appears in14) Plot is about cause and effect.15) Arguments can be made to study literature as a legitimate Christian pursuit,as a wealth of insight into the plight of our world and the needs of ourcontemporaries.16) "There was a woman who was beautiful, who started with all the advantages,yet she had no luck."17) "The Lottery" can be interpreted via biblical hermeneutics.18) Read this excerpt from “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and answer thequestion that follows: “Mr. Summers called his own name and then steppedforward precisely and selected a slip from the box. Then he called, „Warner.‟„Seventy-seventh year I been in the lottery,‟ Old Man Warner said as he wentthrough the crowd. „Seventy-seventh time.‟ „Watson‟ The tall boy came awkwardlythrough the crowd. Someone said, „Dont be nervous, Jack,‟ and Mr. Summerssaid, „Take your time, son.‟This passage suggests that “The Lottery” uses ________ as an organizationalframe. Answer19) The author of "Dr. Heideggers Experiment," "The AmbitiousGuest," and "The Birthmark" was
  6. 6. 20) Another name for the exposition of a story is denouement.21) Probability of action can be presented via motivation.22) Pre-eighteenth century men are regarded as having gathered particulars toformulate universal.23) According to the online lessons, there are four kinds of conflict: Emotional,Physical, Spiritual, and Metaphysical.24) A figure of speech in which what is said is the opposite of what is meant iscalled25) According to the Lesson presentations and outlines, an example of escapistliterature is the story26) Church history provides much evidence for an antipathy and hostility on thepart of Christians (the church) toward literature.27) Another name for a round character is28) "She married for love, and the love turned to dust." Who does this quotationidentify?29) Hawthornes perspective is that all men are potentially evil and potentiallygood.30) A person whose character contrasts that of the main character, thusemphasizing those of the main character is the31) A character who is sympathetic with a main character, thus revealing themain characters thoughts, is32) Onomatopoeia, Cacophony, and Euphony are examples of sound clues.33) The author of a technically adept story uses no idle language.34) Some attributes of Poes short stories include unity of impression, unity ofpurpose, and goal to entertain.35) In "The Rocking Horse Winner," Pauls compulsive efforts to satisfy hismothers insatiable quest for money finally kill him.36) "The Child by Tiger" continues for several pages (about 3-4-pages) after thedeath of37) A flat character and round character are synonymous.
  7. 7. 38) "Young Goodman Brown" was authored by39) The telling of tales is as old as mankind, and was in existence before writtenrecords.