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Why SL development is not Unity3d development

Why Second Life should not be confused with Unity3d as a development platform. You can do more with Unity3d but you have to do more to support it. Plus some other common slides of, Flush the fashion, oculus, drivatars and project spark

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Why SL development is not Unity3d development

  1. 1. From Second Life to Unity 3d (And lots of other bits)
 Ian Hughes/epredator 
 Metaverse Evangelist ! Taking a bite out of technology so you don’t have to BCS Animation And Games Development
  2. 2. epredator’s workplace
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Halloween 2010 - Unity3D on kids tv
  5. 5. Monkey leaves !Right whilst monkey goes to dry his eyes, Mr Fuzzikins and I are going on a trip to a place that isn’t scary, but extremely exciting… ! GFX IAN’S WORLD STING HERE?! !Sy Ladies and Gentlemen, Its almost Halloween so its time to say HALLO – IAN!!! Get It, Get It Hallo – Ian!!
 CREW - RUBBISH ! Ian enters the studio and greets Sy !SFX - MUSE ‘Uprising’ Whooping/cheering from the floor !Sy So Ian what have you got for us today? !Ian Sy using all this [Points at stuff on table] I am going to make a copy of you.. !Sy Ian are you sure your’e not Frankenstein…? Imagine if there was another me!! ! Shouts from Crew – Please NO!! !Sy (bit out out) Oi - What do you mean? It would be great having another me - Think of all the things I could do.. I could sit there playing on the computer whilst the other me does all the chores. 
 Ian No Sy.. This one can’t do your chores as this one will live in here as it’s an avatar. ! Ian points at his laptop !Sy What a weird blue alien in a film? !Ian reacts 
 Ian Using a digital camera I can take a picture of you, like this [Demo taking a picture] and using a development tool on the website called Evolver I can upload the picture I have taken and create a model of you. Like this one.. !Split screen on Plasma Sy and Avatar !Sy That’s incredible. Is it hard to do? !Recorded footage of Creating Sy using development tool !Ian No it’s all pretty simple, you upload your image and then you can create a body that matches yours using the development tool. I chose stick insect for you!! You can then change the hair, add clothes, like I have done with you Sy. ! Sy wearing a dress !Sy Reacts !Sy Once you have made that what can you do. !Ian The future of this could be amazing, firstly what I have done with your avatar is put you into a gaming environment using another piece of really cool professional development software called Unity 3D..
  6. 6. Major Incident Simulator Imperial College London (Second Life Version)
  7. 7. Code and Data as Shapes Second Life
  8. 8. Just do it in Unity3d? yes… but…
  9. 9. Second Life /OpenSim Only worry about your bit You
  10. 10. Unity3d / UDK etc. Develop and publish Development Environment
  11. 11. Unity3d / UDK etc. Photon Server
  12. 12. Logon User Database Things to do games etc Game Database Code Multi User Environment Socket Server 3dModels Animations State/Data Interactions Sounds Userinterface Network Code Error Handling Admin Change Control/Build Control Bug Tracking You need to consider and combine many things Unity3d MySql PHP/HMTL Photon JIRA Mg bitbucket Voice Chat
  13. 13. AAA games 300+ people to Build ! ! Call of Duty : Ghosts Battlefield 4 Fifa 14 Assassins Creed NFS:Rivals Forza 5 Dead Rising 3 Ryse Son of Rome
  14. 14. Oculus Rift ! 
  15. 15. Oculus Rift ! 

  16. 16. Oculus Rift !
  17. 17. Oculus Rift ! 
 + Works with Unity3d
  18. 18. Kinect and Unity3d CKD
  19. 19. Forza 5 Choi Kwang Do Logo Tool in Existing games
  20. 20. Drivatar(tm) Cloud Utility
  21. 21. Some Great Features though SmartGlass & “Xbox Record That”
  22. 22. Up and Coming Tools? Project Spark ! 
 Multiplatform Game creation Engine
  23. 23. From Second Life to Unity 3d (And lots of other bits)
 Ian Hughes/epredator 
 Metaverse Evangelist ! Taking a bite out of technology so you don’t have to BCS Animation And Games Development