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Are we any closer to a holodeck?


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BCS animation and games development SG AGM presentation. Links to youtube videos but includes some speaker notes though I would have said more things :)

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Are we any closer to a holodeck?

  1. 1. Are we about to get one step closer to a Holodeck? Ian Hughes/epredator Metaverse Evangelist Taking a bite out of technology so you don’t have to BCS Animation And Games DevelopmentThursday, 21 March 13Are we about to get a step closer to a holodeck.
  2. 2. epredator’s workplaceThursday, 21 March 13Me, I live and work online in all sorts of virtual places. I would love to be able to interact witha lot more than screen and keyboard. Not everything I do is virtual I am an AssistantInstructor in the martial art Choi Kwang Do.
  3. 3., 21 March 13I write a regular tech column in Flush Magazine. Recently I wrote one on how close we are toa real holodeck. Other features have been virtual worlds, 3d printing, sports training withgame tech and electric superbikes.
  4. 4. What is a holodeck? The holodeck is depicted as an enclosed room in which objects and people are simulated by a combination of transported matter, replicated matter, tractor beams, and shaped force fields onto which holographic images are projected. Who Invented it?Thursday, 21 March 13The Holodeck is great piece of science fiction. It provides plot narrative opportunities in whatgoes on and also what goes wrong with it. It is apparently really the idea from Gene Dolgoff aholographic expert and and inventor who also invented digital projection (which becomesrelevant later on) He had a chat with Gene Rodenberry the creator of Star Trek and theholdeck was born.
  5. 5. CAVEs, 21 March 13CAVE - Cave automatic virtual environment has generally been a cube of rear projectscreens that help immerse the user in an experience. This video is CAVE2 where manymore screens and some 3d positioning has been used. Again a Star Trek influence :)
  6. 6. Haptic feedback and walking, 21 March 13Being stuck in a cube means we don’t get to walk around very much, but there are potentialsolutions to that. This is one bit of game tech that puts the player in a “hamster ball”
  7. 7. Gadget show, 21 March 13The Gadget show built a high end simulator for battlefield 3. It has surround vision, detectsthe player and the gun and has a rolling floor to enable walking in all directions. It had theadded fun of haptic feedback with high velocity paint ball guns actually shooting at theplayer. 9:49 into the video is best
  8. 8. Digital projection, 21 March 13With a normal light projection if the surface being projected on is shaped and not smooth theimage gets distorted. Understanding and 3d scanning the surface then using digitalprojection the image can be adjusted to deal with the surface. So we get lots of very largeprojections and animations on buildings, such as during the Royal Jubilee on Buckinghampalace. This video though shows the effect on a persons face. It is very cool.
  9. 9. Kinect and Choi Kwang-Do, 21 March 13Know and understanding where a human is is important for a Holodeck. As you can see herethere is information being captured as Choi Kwang Do movements are made, importantly itknows what is background and has removed it.
  10. 10. Digital removalThursday, 21 March 13This can be used the other way around though. If it knows where someone is, then is can alsopotentially ignore that person. Kinect Party/Happy Action Theatre on xbox plays with thiseffect. Predlet 1.0 gets to see herself dissapear on screen. She is stood in the same place onboth screens.
  11. 11. Digital removalThursday, 21 March 13A similar effect but this time not just overlaying onto a human AR style, but actually removingthem and drawing something else.
  12. 12., 21 March 13This patent application from Microsoft appeared published september 2012. It describes apotential system where you entire play space is projected into. It needs to scan the room,understand where the player is and project accordingly. As with Kinect Party knowing wherethe person is means it doesn’t have to project onto them, but instead around them.Understanding the surface shapes and also the reflectivity of each surface is also described.All possible with the Kinect today as we have seen.
  13. 13. Illumiroom, 21 March 13Here is their concept video. Notice it keeps the screen as the highrez focus but uses the wallsfor atmosphere
  14. 14. Lots of questions still before we get to Star Trek’s time Can we 3d print/feel virtual things around us? Do we skip this for direct brain interface? We will get there before that I am sure! Photo from Helen Storey, 21 March 13Pil Seung! Means Certain Victory. Whilst I look forward to Choi Kwang-Do training on aholodeck with force feedback. But we can simulate with real things ? Will it ever beat being inRedMan body armour? as I am in in this photo :)
  15. 15. Are we about to get one step closer to a Holodeck? Ian Hughes/epredator Metaverse Evangelist Taking a bite out of technology so you don’t have to BCS Animation And Games DevelopmentThursday, 21 March 13