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More Than Coffee - Learn before you taste!


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We love new experiences and constantly look for innovative solutions to offer you exceptional products. This time we have focused on the concept of wellness and food products. Upon entering a new industry we decided to create a separate brand, with a beautifully sounding name – Aurile.

Aurile stands for products designed not only to be enjoyed. Our unique, functional Aurile coffee is an absolutely new product on the Polish market. It is 100% natural coffee with a specialised effect. After nearly two years of intensive research, we have created four original formulas which address the key needs of a modern person:

help to keep the proper metabolism level ( p. 6-7),
restore the youthful vigour and energy (p. 8-9),
facilitate concentration and learning (p. 10-11),
slow down the ageing processes and reduce their effects (p. 12-13).

Innovative Aurile coffee formulas have been created in the collaboration of scientists with tasters and nutrition experts. We have enhanced natural coffee with brand new, highly specialised properties, keeping its excellent taste and compelling aroma intact – which has been confirmed by sensory tests carried out by independent experts!

Our functional coffees have been enhanced by a range of valuable, bioactive ingredients that help protect your health, improve the well-being, and restore balance. We were looking for them all over the world: in the pristine forests of the Amazon, the subtropical regions of Asia. We used the latest achievements of science and the wisdom of natural medicine. The Açai berry extract, green mate, stimulating guarana and taurine, numerous vitamins and minerals – these are just a foretaste of what is in the Aurile coffee cups.

Each of our functional coffees has been scientifically tested and evaluated. If you feel like learning more about the characteristics of these coffees, you are welcome to download the scientific opinions from You will find them next to product descriptions.

We wish you many unforgettable experiences and amazing moments over a cup of delicious coffee.

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