Real Warriors Campaign: Promoting help-seeking behavior with a mobile site


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The Real Warriors Campaign, a multimedia public education initiative designed to encourage help-seeking behavior among service members and veterans with invisible wounds, recently launched a mobile site ( offering 24/7 access to psychological health tools and resources.

With today’s increasingly tech-savvy veteran, the mobile site was a natural progression for the campaign. As service members may be skeptical about seeking care, the site addresses perceived barriers to care by allowing users to connect 24/7 with trained health resource consultants at the DCoE Outreach Center (via toll-free number or live chat) as well as to view the campaign’s powerful video profiles directly from their smartphones. The videos feature real service members and veterans who have reached out for care and continue to have successful military or civilian careers. The mobile site also offers more than 90 articles for active duty service members, National Guard and reservists, families, veterans and health professionals – covering topics like combat stress, family reintegration and substance misuse. The mobile site allows visitors to view, download and even order free campaign brochures, posters and other materials directly from their smartphone. We’ve had 3,113 visits to – which accounts for 21 percent of the campaign’s overall website visits since the mobile site’s launch in June. Visit the mobile or full site ( to learn more.

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Real Warriors Campaign: Promoting help-seeking behavior with a mobile site

  1. 1. Real Warriors Campaign: Promoting help-seeking behavior with a mobile site<br />Emily SpringerConsultant<br /><br />@emspringer<br />August 25, 2011<br />Health 2.0 STAT<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />What is the Real Warriors Campaign?<br />Why a mobile site vs. an app?<br />Functionality and development<br />Marketing strategy and measuring success<br />Presenting now @ #health2stat: How @realwarriors developed #mhealth site to promote #health seeking behavior <br />
  3. 3. Booz Allen developed the Real Warriors Campaign which launched in May 2009<br />The Real Warriors Campaign is a social marketing campaign<br />designed on behavior change theories. It is designed to<br />encourage service members, veterans, and military families<br />coping with psychological health concerns to access available<br />tools and resources for care and support.<br />
  4. 4. Real Warriors Campaign social marketing mix<br />
  5. 5.<br />“It’s one thing to give someone a website and<br />say ‘Check it out when you get home,’ and it’s<br />another thing to say, ‘Pull out your phone,<br />look at what they’re doing right now …’”<br />“There’s no excuse for someone not knowing<br />how to get in touch...” <br /> –Staff Sgt. Meg Krause, <br />Real Warriors Campaign profilee<br />
  6. 6. Functionality<br />24/7 access to Live Chat (i.e. instant message with a trained health professional).<br />Video profiles featuring service members and veterans who have sought treatment and continue to have successful military or civilian careers. <br />Articles on topics such as combat stress, reintegration, substance misuse and supporting your service member.<br />Shopping cart allowing users to view, download and order free campaign materials.<br />
  7. 7. Integration<br />Branding and identity elements<br />Imagery<br />Social media<br />Full site<br />
  8. 8. Integrated marketing strategy<br />Mobile site web page<br />Blog posts<br />Media interviews<br />Social media<br />Email newsletter<br />Campaign partners<br />Conferences<br />Measures for success<br />Visits to the mobile site <br />Interactions on mobile social media sites (e.g.,<br />Ongoing feedback from audiences<br />
  9. 9. Learn more about the Real Warriors Campaign<br /><br /><br /><br />Resources<br />Design Principles:<br /><ul><li>
  10. 10.</li></ul>For Developers:<br /><ul><li>Best Practices to Develop Perfect Websites for iPhone and Mobile Devices
  11. 11. W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
  12. 12. Mobile-friendly: The mobile web optimization guide
  13. 13. Best Practices in Mobile Detection</li>