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Finjan Vital Security for Web datasheet

  1. 1. for Web A Comprehensive Layered Defense Against Internet In today's e-business environment, it has become increasingly more important for enterprises to provide access to information via the Internet, while at the same time effectively manage and protect mission critical Features & systems and information resources. Vital Security for Web's unique proactive defense detects Active Content Capabilities and mobile malicious code, such as ActiveX and Java, as well as embedded and stand-alone VBScript and JavaScript. Vital Security for Web performs content inspection using multiple content specific scanners. Traditional anti-virus These scanners create a security profile for each Active Content, identifying potential hostile attacks or provides the first line of suspicious commands. Using security policies, administrators can block mobile malicious code that intends defense against signature to perform hostile attacks and stop new viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware even before the anti- based, known viruses. virus signature database is updated. This unique feature, integrated with anti-virus engines, can detect and Behavior Scanning and log viruses and worms from their introduction through their entire lifecycle, resulting in a zero Window of Analysis Inspection provides Vulnerability. an additional, proactive, layer of defense against new, unknown viruses. Behavior Analysis Inspection Unique Proactive Defense Content Filtering guards against manual and automatic While firewalls protect against packet level Vital Security for Web protects the Internet downloads of documents attacks, Web traffic and other application level gateway from new, unknown attacks, long based on document activity can bring hostile active content into a before any anti-virus software signatures can extension and MIME type. network undetected. Similarly, traditional anti- be updated. Active Content is scanned for virus software can be effective against known potential hostile attacks or suspicious Web Filtering and Content viruses and worms, but they are unable to Control allows administrators effectively protect organizations against new, commands at the gateway. Granular policies to create an Internet access and strict security configurations can stop policy, filter access to Web unknown viruses and active content in real- sites based on URL time. Vital Security for Web does not depend new viruses, worms, Trojan horses or spyware categorization and receive upon reactive anti-virus signature database from ever infectng your network, resulting in automatic updates to the updates alone. These updates can take hours, a zero Window of Vulnerability. database transparently. if not days. Instead, Vital Security for Web uses its patented real-time proactive content User Detection enforces security policies on real scanning and profiling technology to provide Web Filtering and Content logged in users and not only day-zero defenses against new, unknown and on fixed IP addresses. targeted attacks by mobile malicious code and Active Content. Vital Security for Web Another option is integrated Web filtering, Centralized management and represents the most effective way to combat allowing organizations to have full control reporting provides over 100 Trojan horses, worms and malicious ActiveX, over Web traffic and Web content that enters standard reports and custom Java, VBScript and JavaScript programs. into their network based on content category, reports. specific URL and time of day. Administrators Customizable features allow Vital Security for Web identifies and analyzes also have the ability to create Internet access administrators to configure downloaded content as it enters the network. policies for both users and groups. Since Web according to their unique All characteristics of the content are sites are constantly changing and new sites are organizational needs. contextually examined for security violations in real-time. Any content that violates the regularly born, Vital Security for Web corporate security policies is logged and automatically updates its database of sites and blocked at the gateway, while end-users are URL categories transparently in the notified with an onscreen alert. Examples of background. security policy violations include attempts to delete or create files, open network connections or modify the user's registry settings. Traditional Anti-Virus Vital Security for Web offers an optional integrated anti-virus scanner to detect traditional, known viruses. An integrated log captures all known viruses attempting to enter the network and administrators can customize policies to suit their needs. Signature database updates are automatic and transparent.
  2. 2. Vital Security for Web System Requirements Content Filtering Integrated Solution Reduces Vital Security Server on Solaris Cost of Ownership Sun v120/E250/E420/E450 Vital Security for Web can be configured to allow or Solaris 8 (fully patched) block other active content entering the network. It Vital Security for Web is an integrated, best-of-breed Oracle v7.3.4. can detect executables, plug-ins and unscannable secure content management solution, providing: 1 GB free disk space is objects such as password protected zip files. It can required for VS Server also be configured to allow or block the simple 300 MB of free disk space is Single Point of Management: Integrated components required for Oracle Server download of documents or documents automatically with one management console provide (an additional 70 MB is required during launched by the browser. Security policies on administrators with all of the information required installation) downloads are enforced based on document to stop potential attacks from ever entering the 1 GB RAM extension and MIME type. network. Vital Security Server on Windows Single Vendor: Significant total cost of ownership Windows 2000 Server or savings can result from purchasing a complete Advanced Server, SP2 or above Management and Reporting solution from a single vendor. Pentium IV 2.4 GHz processor and above 1 GB of free disk space during Vital Security for Web's management and reporting Integrated Components: Costs for purchasing an installation capabilities provide administrators with high level and integrated solution can be as much as 40% less than 1 GB RAM detailed views of their network security. Enterprise- purchasing individual, stand-alone, software. wide reports such as mobile malicious content Vital Security Console received, viruses stopped and top 10 Web sites Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, 2000 SP2, blocked, empower IT managers with the information 98 SE or ME Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and they need to accurately adjust their security policies as Other Features above their company grows and changes. Some of the X-Ray Mode: Operate in a pass through mode Pentium IV 1.6GHz processor features include: designed to provide a clear view of active and above 50 MB of free disk space during content activity prior to implementation, installation and 15 MB of free Granular Policy Management: Multiple security enabling the fine-tuning of security policies. disk space at the end of the policies can be created for different users, installation groups or departments. ICAP Support: Vital Security for Web fully 256 MB RAM (512 recommended) supports ICAP 1.0 so existing ICAP Exception Handling: Enables administrators to environments don't need to change Certificate Server and Oracle organizational topology in order to install and "white list" approved content according to URL, Client configure Vital Security for Web. specific active content or a specific digital Windows 2000 Server or certificate, without the need to compromise on Advanced Server, SP2 or above the security levels for unknown and untrusted Single Point of Management: Graphical Pentium IV 1.6GHz processor management console manages multiple and above content. Oracle Client v7.3.4. distributed servers from a single location, 256 MB RAM Content Filtering: Blocks manual and automatic providing an enterprise-ready and scalable (512 MB RAM recommended) downloads of active content documents based solution. 20 MB of free disk space is on document extension and MIME type. required for certificate Server, and LDAP/NTLM User Authentication: Policies 30 MB for Oracle Client are enforced on real logged-in users, not only Integrated Logging: All mobile code security violations, viruses detected and cleaned, and on fixed IP addresses, to detect every HTTP *Finjan Software was Web access violations are listed in a centralized request and the user behind the request. awarded EAL3 certification log allowing the security administrator to track new and unknown attacks. Digital Certificate Filtering: Allows from the SAIC for Vital administrators the ability to detect, filter and Enhanced Logging: Every HTTP request, assign policy for digitally signed content. Security 5.6 for Web. security policy violation, resource misused, performance and throughput, etc., can be High Availability: Local Vital Security for Web logged, allowing detailed analysis of usage databases can operate independently from the attacks, Web traffic, Web content and security central database allowing Vital Security for Web policy violations patterns. to remain active even if the primary database server is offline. Vital Security for Web has the Management Reports: More than 100 standard option to operate in load balancing mode. reports are provided by Vital Security for Web. Dynamic custom reports can also be created Malicious Code Research Center (MCRC): C 2003 by Finjan Software, Inc., using the built in report generator. Administrators can send blocked active content and/or its subsidiaries. WWW.FINJAN.COM details to Finjan's Malicious Code Research Printed in the U.S.A. Center for analysis and advice by our expert USA VSWDS1.0 10.03 EN Finjan, Finjan logo and Vital Security are security engineers. trademarks or registered trademarks of Finjan Software, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries. All other registered and unregistered trademarks in this document are the sole property of their respective owners. For more information The Finjan Software products described in this on products, services or support, contact a local Finjan sales representative at document are protected by one of more of the following U.S. Patent Nos. 6092194, 6167520, 6480962, 6209103, 6298446, and 6353892 and may be protected by other U.S. Patents, foreign patents, or pending applications.