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An insight into coax cables their features and use


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Cables – they are everywhere we use them in one or other electrical appliances but what is special about Coax cables.

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An insight into coax cables their features and use

  1. 1. An Insight into Coax Cables Their Features and UseCables – they are everywhere we use them in one or other electrical appliancesbut what is special about Coax cables. An easy paradigm to understand themwould be human body - just like arteries carry blood to different parts of our bodycables are used to carry electricity needed to run different electric appliances.Coax cables are one among the many different types of cables available in themarket. Though mainly used in computers they are also used in video and radioelectronics. Its core objective is to transform electricity between the main powersource and the disparate parts of the appliances.How do you identify coax cables? Generally all cables consist of inner and outerlayers, as you strip the outer layer in these cables you will notice that the innerlayer consists of copper wire wrapped in white insulator which again has acopper screen layered over it. Number of copper wires in the inner layer can varydepending on its capacity; more wires would mean that the cable will be able tocarry more electricity at a much faster speed.White insulator is generally made of solid polyethylene mainly because it is lessexpensive and easily available. Copper screen consisting of braided copper
  2. 2. wires is layered over the insulator for added flexibility. The outer layer consists ofblack plastic; it is an essential element of a cable as it traps the electricity insidethe cable, so you do not get a shock when you touch the cable.Though they have been traditionally used to carry electricity they are also madeto carry radio signals as the inner copper wiring and the copper screen run on thesame geometrical axis. It would be worth noting that it is because of thisparticular feature that these cables are called coaxial (having a common axis)cables. Outside magnetic forces can easily interrupt or terminate radio signals.However the coaxial nature of coax cables and the plastic cables which create aperfect vacuum inside do not allow the signals to escape and hence they areused for transmitting radio signals.