eleanor-jayne browne teaching material design chang gung university the d/sign lounge lab media+visual communication department the d/sign lounge mvc teaching art graphic design tutorial education examples beautiful powerpoint the printmaking class guidelines teaching examples course director printing creativity exhibition design the typography class teaching resources pattern printmaking social service introduction case studies how to powerpoint culture handmade craft layout line differently abled exhibition design class packaging overview the media+visual communication department what is packaging class notes mark-making packaging example textile design presentation delivery know-how professional practice class instructions instruction education and training project course outline working samples template course contents basic design class fine art printmaking thinking bio-inspiration massimo vignelli typography marketing marketing material designer as entrepreneur entrepreneur line app entrepreneurship communication social media line stickers muralism man at the crossroads social justice diego rivera mural frida kahlo mexican muralism chicana art movement consciousness el mac mural art pattern making brick repeat composite repeat branding negative space layouts teamwork celebrating humanity design education visual communication expertise society celebrating diversity people watching diversity samples teaching project history of illustration drawing historical overview illustration illustrators case study working model information history publishing text handouts presentation styles analysis of presentation styles professional practice techniques excellent example professional professionalism design project basic design recycle reuse design projects final year course director photography speech storytelling projects art projects collage exhibition major project course direction course tutors conceptual presentation student workshop multi-media conceptual art methods fabric alessia giardino product design industrial design practice the dsign lounge mediavisual communication department colour packaging for medicine packaging for pharmaceutical products teaching notes types of packaging medical packaging pharma packaging primary packaging good packaging design packaging samples packaging primer secondary packaging packaging design medical packaging design marketing design marketing and design display design marketing mix seasonal marketing product display posm p.o.s.m. p.o.s. marketing strategies promotional display promotional materials pos driving sales publishing guidelines promotion information shelf shout promotional material presentation material consutancy motheaten lights theory into practice the analogue and the digital bio—inspiration design application beso forte research and design intenza design research perfect(im)perfect design teaching (re)branding research interests new design thinking strategy social media strategy vma new generation entrepreneurs social media marketing design business model leveraging social media business making money from design the business of design sticker-based communication innovation future design education introduction to professional practice teaching areas good cause we shine together helping others finance generation charity the social service class concepts ideas fundraising corporate identity system branding introduction visual identity components c.i.s. visual identity visual identity explained what is visual identity logo typographic treatments v.i. wordmark motif repeats motifs generating patterns know how repeat pattern patterns from analogue to digital: patterns and structures patter design pattern formations drop repeat install eyetracking materiality cultural creativity research directions 2015 visual communication principles gestalt theory how to layout grid options elements of good design grid tutorial understanding the grid grid examples the grid emphasis balance dimension design strategies keywords file types design principles definitions terminlogies accreditation elements of design byline double-page spread folio editorial elements of layout backgrounds rendering visualising visuals creating context let's change the world perception changing mindsets photo-collage mvc107 practical project moodboard methods design communication visual aids moodboards mvc 107 class activity humanity we shine together notions of normality the human condition paralympics disabled disablilities class introduction what is normal? passive viewing criteria contact steps interpretive planning interactive viewing marbling techniques history of paper marbling ebru suminagashi tutorials turkish marbling paper marbling shanghai film museum whitechapel gallery taiwan yingge ceramics museum london museum shanghai outline what is exhibition design reduce take—away food overview the basic design class eco-friendly packaging take—away food take—away eco-friendly packaging alternatives 3rs what is mark-making advertising what is illustration furniture fornasetti catalogue design model professional practice 5: pecha kucha pecha kucha components of storytelling how graphic designers tell stories ways to tell a story what is a story puppets examples of how to tell a story telling a story art dolls good example images thesis report preparation the rules and guidelines of how to prepare and del the mughals argyle tartan gingham plaid celia birtwell paisely a.i.d.a. copy leaflet printed material straight headline bent headline flyer headlines good practice best design method pamphlet david carson al gore agenda-setting julian treasure presentation criteria authority skills humour presentation techniques what is typography point size leading typefaces teaching resource kerning tracking online learning letterpress linocutting step-by-step lino lesson tutor excellent powerpoint design direction perfect powerpoint definitive powerpoint design evaluation assignments curriculum deckchair deckchair history grading criteria protocol study plan teaching rationale training course introduction microsoft powerpoint style products mvc+cgid alumni industrial design department graduate student kelly lin studio introduction notebook design kimu design lighting successful student brand development sound performance music orchestra instruments repurpose creative junkyard mvc popup shop teaching curriculum student workshops the mvc collective department introduction food styling food styling luke jerram glass kaii tu mika aoki michaela vienello kacper hamilton forum karim rashid design philosophy machine designers artisans silkscreen teaching material (hand)made fishtanks aquascaping aqauriums fish multimedia aquarists 2d 3d papercutting an introduction to basic design lightbox assemblage papercraft industry collabration dupont™ ╳ mvc home 2050 workshop tytent™ tyvek® dupont™ process results road map strategy research faculty website examples eduation directions project templates student projects plan addons blogging learning what is blog final year students mvc4 2011 teaching outline bedtime stories project briefing light design fine art digital installation handcraft the digital world digital art venus bowl invisible window embroidered furniture the natural world conclusion digital technology liminal spaces research project lost&found analogue launch strategies digital iq face mask product re-branding anthropometrics project proposal methodology design rationale and execution launch onto the china market brand buidling preferences keynote speech international conference on design theorypractice creativity with a capital see the application of design tangible interfaces workshop surface textile design presentation concrete silkscreen printing workshop demonstration creative typography project impressionism kitsch post-modern art installation art modern art 101 surrealism printmakers technique textile futures experimental database thoughts conversations lab csm alumni digital baroque old new design transformation sustainability eco-design the language of colour eleanor-jayne browne ricky liu & associates future design personal fabrication 3d printing software development iphone apps nsc material browne eleanorjayne graphic alexey brodovitch
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