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Leading scientists towards openness ajw0128 2013


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Slides for Science online 2013 with Antony Williams

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Leading scientists towards openness ajw0128 2013

  1. 1. Leading scientists towards openness Antony J Williams1 and Sean Ekins2 1RoyalSociety of Chemistry, Wake Forest, NC 2Collaborations In Chemistry, Fuquay Varina, NC A big thank you to all who have tweeted and shared ideas in these slides #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  2. 2. Openness..can be confusing• Open Access versus Free Access• Open Data versus free to download• Open Source and all of its “licenses”• This session likely won’t clear up all questions!!!• We intend to encourage more openness though!• And if you choose not to..we want to know why?
  3. 3. What project(s) could we progress inOpen Science and report at #SciO14? What projects can we launch HERE at Scio13 and monitor/measure for impact of Open Science #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  4. 4. Open Science Project launched #SciO12#scio12 inspired us tocreate a flipboard for Open Drug Discovery Teamsscience #ODDTEmbraced by raredisease advocatesGetting people to sharedata openly is achallengeNIH SBIR reviewers wantclosed systems topreserve IP #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  5. 5. Examples of Open ScienceProud of this number Sean transforms from closed to open scientist as an experiment before my own eyes Where will it lead too? You can too.. #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  6. 6. Examples of Open Science Some want tochange the way we fund research #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  7. 7. Examples of Open ScienceSome want tomake researchreproducibleElizabeth Lorns #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  8. 8. Examples of Open Science Linked Open data cloud 2011 (Wikipedia)#scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  9. 9. Benefits of Open Science? Are there obvious benefits to openness in science? $ Citations Kudos Awards Followers love#scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  10. 10. Challenges of Open ScienceIf yes, what are the blocks towards openness? Tools, Systems, IP concerns, organizational support #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  11. 11. Challenges of Open ScienceDo scientists have to be fully open or is partial or part time open?#scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem
  12. 12. Incentives of Open ScienceWhat are incentives to move scientists towards openness? You again $ Citations Kudos Awards Followers love #scio13openscience @chemconnector @collabchem