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Whiteboards at a former gsk site


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A trip to an old GSK building revealed whiteboards that had not been cleaned - this presentation has photos

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Whiteboards at a former gsk site

  1. 1. Whiteboards at a former GSK site: A good argument for using mobile devices? Sean Ekins
  2. 2. Summary• Oct 20 2012 - Triangle Modernist Houses arranged a public tour of the former Burroughs-Wellcome Elion-Hitchings Building in RTP, NC.• This was last owned by GSK who exited in 2011• I signed a personal injury waiver• What I found lead to a blog• Herein are the photos of the whiteboards with some interpretation• These represent a historical and perhaps artistic document circa 2011• I suggest in the age of mobile devices, tablets and Apps– are whiteboards to become extinct because they represent a temporary and non secure way to capture ideas?
  3. 3. Scientific Whiteboards• These appear to be informatics related• I recognized several cheminformatics and bioinformatics related tools• I welcome feedback on re-interpretation on the whiteboards• There were no whiteboard pens or erasers in any office so it appears that all photographs represent content that was genuine as left by GSK staff• While I do not think the data shown here is particularly sensitive it is insightful• I do not think what is portrayed here is unique to GSK but may represent a broader picture of pharma
  4. 4. WB 1This looks like an organizational chart of informatics related tools and those responsiblefor supporting them with attempts to integrate or simplify them and how they areconnected. 13 unique staff names on left and 9 on right involved in new projectsSuggests they use IDBS activityBase for screening data, WinNonLin. ChemDraw isdeleted so may suggest they removed support for itTheir own tools include SAMURAI, ICARUS, CHAS, iPlan, CRISP, SARTools (structureactivity relationship)RaaS may represent compound registration as a service?
  5. 5. WB 2Probably a bioinformatics database related project (Kate?) requiring capture of publicsynonymsLooks like they want to measure how its used by tracking the number of times viewed,number and size of entities
  6. 6. WB 3 This highly schematic diagram appears to describe a database called Inca and creation of Adamantis. Could the solid blue line represent a dose response relationship and determining EC50? They appear to be taking actives from one database and maybe querying another? Several images look like data tables.
  7. 7. WB 4This board is segmented – describing development related tools including FishEye,INFORM2, DecisionView, trident, clinical investigator portals, also use of Sharepointand LabWare which is laboratory information management software - staff responsible – lists 13 namesPPD and Parexel are clinical research organizations so this boardmay explain the external relationships..looks like there is a mention of Apps in PPDboxSo may describe back and forth movement of clinical data from LIMS in GSK to CROsand then signoff of the data for GCP/GLP
  8. 8. WB 5The board briefly describes SAMURAI, probably some structure activity relationshipweb-based viewing interface developed in house from other components. Bottomright diagram indicates use of Spotfire and internet explorer – how data is movedfrom one tool to another and some programming code shorthand.Delphi may be a predecessor tool – and it looks like they are aiming for SAMURAIto be around for some time
  9. 9. WB 6+7This person was a heavy whiteboard user due to the ink staining and involved inBusiness IT support. The text is unclear but there is mention of Starting after INDThe smaller board describes something published in 90 days and registries
  10. 10. Artistic• These represent non scientific images but themselves are quite interesting• Parting notes
  11. 11. WB 8Inset – detail from image above – note spelling of biology, the small koala is standing on4 books, brass, music, taps, trumpet..Very Keith Haring like, recurringpattern and animalAmusing and sad
  12. 12. WB 9 Monet like, ghostly trees in foreground and sun above
  13. 13. WB 10 Minimalist sunset / sunrise
  14. 14. Summary• Circa 2011 GSK were spending significant resources on integrating databases and software tools both for preclinical and clinical projects.• Over 26 people in total could be gleaned from 2 whiteboards dealing with clinical and preclinical IT• It looks like they were trying to simplify available tools and databases• Possibly mobile apps get a mention on the clinical side, maybe related to data capture by CROs?
  15. 15. Observations and Recommendations• The information contained on the whiteboards could have been retained if they had either taken pictures (as here) or used a mobile device / tablet to sketch ideas• These ideas could have then been shared with the intended recipients• Using whiteboards unintentionally shared this data with everyone walking through and the next company to use the building• Companies vacating buildings should clean whiteboards of any work related information
  16. 16. Acknowledgments• David Kroll – for the ticket• The volunteers of Triangle Modernist Houses who made it possible• The authors/ artists of the various whiteboards