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Parts of speech with logo


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Let us understand the basic grammar: Parts of Speech

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Parts of speech with logo

  1. 1. PARTS OF SPEECH This is children’s rhyme about the eight parts of speech in English Grammar which will give you an idea about what Grammar is. Parts of Speech Noun Pronoun Adjective Verbs Adverbs Preposition Interjection Conjucncton Noun is a name of any thing. Example: school or garden, town or street Used in place of noun Example: he and she are holding hands It describes a thing Example: magic wand and bridal ring It means action words. Example: read, count, sing or jump They tell us “How things are done.” Example: quickly, slowly, badly, well . It stands before the noun, Example : in the street, or at the station. It shows surprise . Example: Oh! How pretty- Ah! How wise. It joins the words together. Example: men and women, wind or weather