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Fsbo presentation


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Selling your home on your own? Find out how Ed can help

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Fsbo presentation

  1. 1. What’s the biggest advantage to you selling on your own? Saving the Commission right?Ed Finlan Managing BrokerKeller Williams Western Realty 360-610-SOLD (7653) 1
  2. 2. What’s the biggest advantage a buyerwould have in buying directly fromyou?The same commission you are tryingto save in most cases.Is there any possible disadvantage toyou in continuing to trying to sell onyour own?
  3. 3. Who has the advantage innegotiating?You with one home to sell?Or a Buyer with 10 to 20 choices or more? & the Money
  4. 4. How long have you advertised yourhome for sale?• How many calls did you receive last week?• How many of those calls were from realestate agents?• How many people came to see your home?• How many of those calls were frominvestors or from people needing owner-financing?• How many needed to sell in order to buy?• Did anyone make any offers in writing?
  5. 5. What would concern me if I were you: • Last month we sold a lot homes in your area and many in your price range … • And all those serious buyers didn’t come to see your home before making an offer on another property … • Can I explain why?
  6. 6. Serious Buyers … • Are pre-qualified and want to buy quickly. Almost all (97%+) buyers of this type work with a real estate agent because of our market knowledge, negotiation skills, contract skills and our services are “free.” • Buyers who are left over tend to be … • not in a hurry and casual lookers; • bargain hunters; • or unqualified to buy. •Real estate agents don’t show FSBO’s in general because they • must negotiate commission with the homeowner • do up to twice the work; • and assume more liability.
  7. 7. So you are left searching for a qualified buyer who’snot using a real estate agent and is qualified andwilling to pay a fair price for your home. • It’s almost like going to Vegas - the odds are stacked against you. • Every year some people do sell on their own – statistics show that approximately 3% of all sales are For Sale By Owners’s to buyers they didn’t know BUT that their average sales price is dramatically less those of all real estate agents.
  8. 8. Even If You Win You May Lose• Statistically the owner accepts less money• You pay for advertising – it’s easy to spend morethan 1%• It takes you longer to get the home sold• Title and legal fees are often higher 2010 Sales Price With a Realtor FSBO $199,300 $140,000 2009 Sales Price With a Realtor FSBO $215,000 $172,000 2008 Sales Price With a Realtor FSBO $211,000 $153,000 2007 Sales Price With a Realtor FSBO $240,000 $180,000 In 2010 FSBO’s who sold 2006 Sales Price With a Realtor FSBO to buyers they didn’t know $239,000 $187,200 averaged $155,700 and those that hired an agent Source NAR annual Reports averaged $168,000; 7.9% More!!!
  9. 9. Would you take 5% or more of the valueof your house …• and give 2, 3 or 4% to a complete stranger?• and send money to all the advertisers as a gift?• and maybe spend extra money on payments, taxes, utilitiesetc?• and pay extra to an attorney?If you sell your home on your own and net 5% to 7% less thanif you sold it through a real estate agent and paid the agents 3%commission, isn’t that exactly what you are doing?
  10. 10. If you felt that you could actually get the most money, theLet’s go over quickest sale and the what it will fewest problems by take to get giving me an exclusive your home listing today, would sold. you at least consider it? 10