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eTDSR is the complete eTDS & eTCS return filing software exclusively designed as per norms specified by the NSDL in line with the requirements of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India.
The software prepares eTDS and eTCS Returns for all types of Forms - 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ. It also prepares all the TDS, TCS certificates-16, 16A, 27D. It is enable with Correction module to generate TDS revise return.
The software due to its user-friendly interfaces, Advanced online Tools, robustness, convenience and speed is being extensively used by CAs, Tax Advocates, Tax Consultants, Accountants, TIN-FCs and other professionals for processing of eTDS & eTCS data for their clients.
eTDSR is capable of handling large volumes of data for multiple assessees. It is presently trusted by thousands of users, used by all types of assessees including Corporates, Banking, Insurance companies, government bodies and above all the SMEs & individuals.
Features of eTDSR
 Prepare eTDS & eTCS Return for unlimited clients
 Generation of Electronic & Paper TDS & TCS Return
• 24Q , 26Q , 27Q , 27EQ
 Simple Data entry modules for
• Deductors , Deductees & Employees details
• TDS Challan details
• Deductee wise break-up of challans
 Auto Generation of
• e TDS FVU file & form 27A
• TDS Certificates (16,16A,27D)
 Auto data validation through integrated NSDL utility
 Instant display of the file validation errors
 Auto Interest calculation
 E- payment & Challan printing (ITNS-281) facility
 Revised Return through CORRECTION module
 Direct access to TAN registration page of NSDL
 Download consolidate .TDS file for revised returns

 Import facility of Data through
o tds file
o fvu file
o txt file
o given EXCEL sheets
o export salary data to EasyOffice IncomeTax software
 Download of TDS Certificate from NSDL website on a click
 Auto C/F of masters in next year

Reports & Analysis
 Certificate Register
 Challan Register
 TDS Register provide details of
• All Challans deposited(Quarterly/Annually)
• Detail for specific Nature of Payment TDS record
• Detail of Selected Deductee/Employee TDS details
 Return filed Information register
 Deductors, Deductees & Employees list with addresses & labels

Utilities & more
 Advanced online Tools
Access NSDL website through the software and perform various operations automatically
 Fully Menu driven , easy to use designed software
 Covers F.Y 2012-13 & earlier financial years
 Convenient & systematic data entry with user-friendly interfaces

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Easyoffice etds tutorials

  1. 1. EASYOFFICE HELP eTDSR How to enter challans & prepare original return What‟s steps I have to follow for downloding .tds file How to prepare a revise return How to prepare TDS/TCS certificate Show full demo 1
  2. 2. Shows software versionBy clicking on it you can see what‟s new update Click here to fillFor online support just digital signature form click live care Enter user name & password Select assessment year For downloading updates click here [whenever new update comes software will automatically ask for update] Click here to login 2
  3. 3. Click for Income Tax calculation & return Click here if change in assessment year Prepare electronic TDS original & correction return To prepare Audit report & balance sheet For Wealth tax return To generate ST-3 E- return Click here for prepare CMA report & FM toolsClick here to prepare annual ROC return & Forms Click here to prepare XBRL sheet 3
  4. 4. Address book phone book &business letters can be maintained here Prepare & print assesses invoices Inward outward register can be maintained here Click here to print blank forms of Income Tax, TDS & others Here you can easily mail to assessee Work is done by which user in which software at which Someall details you can get time useful link are given from here here for Attendance register of downloading tax employee can be documents maintained here 4
  5. 5. TDS party master ,common TDS master for Bank BSR, MICR CODE and other masters are given here Click here for online submission of return For online payment For online verification of challan of PAN & TAN No you (280,281,282) can check for Return Refund status here Click here to enter receipt no of IncomeTax ,TDS & other return Some utilities like calendar, date format are given here 5
  6. 6. Set default software path of word excel internet explorer & other setup Here you can print assessee details for selected field according to your requirement Set data backup path where you To view today‟s reminders want Click here to print blank or filled to store your User define web link can data challan be managed here forClick here to import XML (ITNS 280easy access ,281, 282, 283) data for income tax Click here to Click here to import update all lan pc FVU file for TDS at once 6
  7. 7. FILL ASSESSEE INFORMATION, BANK DETAILS & OTHER DETAILS [fields in red color are mandatory] For online PAN verification click hereClick here to print application for Please note that we have A allotment of pan for Indian common assessee master for all citizens / Indian companiesapplication for allotment of To print / software so check „Y‟ for TDS and entities incorporated in for individuals not being A citizen PAN India / enter TAN details inside F3 button of India / entities incorporated outsideunincorporated entities formed in India India / unincorporated entities formed outside India 7
  8. 8. You can enter & view receipt no & token no hereAll nature of payment with section code & applicable rate are given here To view or print Deductor registerTo online verify your pan no click here You can set the default path & other settings through software setup To run software utility click here Click to view software help file Bank list with BSR code is given here you can add or remove banks Add or remove designation here for employee details 8
  9. 9. RECEIPT REGISTER Enter Token No (15 digit) & receipt no ( 8 character) for submitted return ,tick mark for revised option in case of revised return 9
  10. 10. BANK MASTER Most of all banks of India are in list ,if require to add any other ,click here 10
  11. 11. DEDUCTOR MASTERClick to print Deductor‟ s detail 11
  12. 12. NATURE OF PAYMENT 12
  13. 13. DESIGNATION MASTERAdd designation here for employee details 13
  14. 14. SOFTWARE SETUP Set all default path You can change challan due date which is used to calculate interest amount in case of challan deposited Click to save changes after due dateSelect default printer path 14
  15. 15. SOFTWARE UTILITYAlt+F6 [Set Date Format]set mm/dd/yyyy format for proper functioning of software 15
  16. 16. Select financial yearAnd click proceed 16
  17. 17. First or main screen of eTDSr From here you can You can print reports Select import excel sheet, Click for deductor, All utilities, reports & register like deductee .fvu file, and 24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ to to prepare blankothers Click hereDeductee Employee default excel and and other master enter challan & prepare consolidated .tds file revise return of sheet for data entry entry 24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ original return are given here 17
  18. 18. To send online Click here to send here to send Click For online tan request for request forconvert Click to 16A request for 16 ClIck here to Click to download You can check registrationconsolidated tds file OnlineClick to import excel verify Enter return filing importyour 16/16A certificate text To view calculation of certificate certificate requested file status of your for correction file to .pdf format interest in caseentry sheet Challan of late details data downloaded submitted return payment file .TDS 18
  19. 19. Fill deductor details & click here to fill responsible person detailsNOTE:FILEDS IN RED COLOR ARE MENDATORY 19
  20. 20. MASTERS >> DEDUCTEE / EMPLOYEE Click to check PAN Tick here if want combined certificate for all When same deductee nature of is entered with other will collect This option payment name by user, from previous deducteeTo copy common datayear which is not deductee can be Give yes here for Selectdeductees merged byavailable in currentcan copy to other this option You year deductee having certification deductor deductees from lower deduction period common TDS master certificate Save deductee details 20
  21. 21. MASTERS >> DDO Click new & enter DDOdetails for 24G 21
  22. 22. MASTERS >> NATURE OF PAYMENT Tick mark nature of payment which youwish to see in list while entering challan 22
  23. 23. MASTERS >> BANK Tick mark for bankswhich you wish to seein selection list while challan entry 23
  24. 24. ORIGINAL RETURN PREPARATION PROCESS:- After all master entries select form for challan entry 24
  25. 25. Select quarter Click here forClick to copy Click to add e payment or print ofchallans from new challan ITNS 281other quarter 25
  26. 26. Click to select nature Select month of payment for interest Tick here if calculationsubmitting nil purpose challan Click here to enter challan’s deductee breakup 26
  27. 27. Select deductee name Software automatic display rates according to selected nature of paymentAfter breakup entry If tds deposited by book Still want to change ratego back to challan entry tick here here tick mark Tick mark here if submitting nil challan in case of payment for transport business 27
  28. 28. Select appropriate option from list - if you have any specified reason for deduction – than save deductee details• Lower deduction –in case of lower deduction certificate submitted• No deduction-if not deduction• Otherwise-if not any other option• Higher deduction-if no pan• In case of transport-if payment is for transport business• Within threshold limit -in case of threshold limit 28
  29. 29. If challan payment date is higher than due date software will calculate interest. Click here to transfer interest amount to challanSelect BSR code, enter challandeposited date & challan serial no After breakup entry click here to transfer tds amount to challan Enter transfer voucher no ifdeductor type isstate or central Govt. Save details If mode of payment selected cheque, fill cheque detail 29
  30. 30. Fill salary detail If preparing return for 24Q fourth qtr 30
  31. 31. After all Challanentry - click here to generate return 31
  32. 32. 32
  33. 33. Select path of downloaded csi file To match challan online click here to download .csi file (select proper period which includes all Challans of your qtr)Click here togenerate file 33
  34. 34. Click here tovalidate generated file 34
  35. 35. click to copy .FVU file Print 27A formfor return submission along with FVU file FVU file created after successful validation of Quarter data. 35
  36. 36. PRINT TDS/TCS CERTIFICATE SELECT FORM 24Q 26Q/27Q/27EQ (for non company) PROCESS Tick name for whomwant to print certificate Click on new and enter given detail given below 36
  37. 37. Tick to print reference number and select print optionClick here to print 37
  38. 38. 26Q /27Q / 27EQ for online download (company)Click to register TAN Click here for request Click here to download certificate from download select form & qtr than login menu Login to site 38
  39. 39. CORRECTION OR REVISE RETURN PREPARATION PROCESS:- GO TO CORRECTION MENU SELECT FORM Select downloaded consolidated tds file path Click here to start importing Select quarter Last imported file details check this detail before proceed 39
  40. 40. Consolidated TDS/TCS file downloading process1. Login to TAN Registration Account with user id, password and TAN.2. On successful login, under menu „TDS/TCS‟, select option „Request- Consolidated TDS/TCS statement‟.3. Request for consolidated TDS / TCS statement can be made for the TAN against which user has logged in.4. On clicking the aforementioned option, a screen “Request Consolidated File” will appear where user isrequired to provide the following details pertaining to statement required:o 15 digit Token Number (earlier referred as provisional receipt number) of regular statemento Form no.o Quartero Financial Year5. On successful conformation of the above details, a window will appear stating “Kindly provide belowmentioned details for verification”.6. As stated above, as a part of verification procedure, user is required to provide details of challan/transfervoucher and/ or deductee/collectee details.7. For verification, latest details i.e., considering the accepted correction statement (s) if any should beprovided.8. Consolidated TDS/TCS statement is available if correct details are provided to the questions forverification. 40
  41. 41. 9. Five attempts within a day are provided to correctly answer the verification questions for statementrequired.10. In case of five unsuccessful attempts within a day for the same statement, request for such statement canbe placed only on next day11. On successful verification, request number is generated and the consolidated TDS/TCS statement ise-mailed to the user within 24 hours on the e-mail ID provided on TAN registration.12. In addition to the e-mail, consolidated TDS/TCS file is also available for download.13. In case of large number of records in the TDS/TCS statement requested, the statement is split in multiplefiles owing to restriction of mail size of the user.14. In case TDS/TCS statement is split in multiple files then each file is sent by separate e-mail.15. For multiple files received for single request then, before extracting the contents, merge the split files using“File Merge Utility” available at TIN website under the option “TAN Registration” in download section.16. Consolidated TDS/TCS file provided is password protected and in compressed form. Contents. of the filecan be extracted, using compression utility as below:WinZip version 9.0 or above.Winrar version 3.9 or above. 41
  42. 42. SELECT APPROPRIATE BUTTON FOR CORRECTION If correction only in PAN If want to add new challan Any correction in challan or deductee details Correction in deductor detailsAny correction in salary details of employee For cancellation of return statement 42
  44. 44. PAN UPDATE ONLY(F2) AJYPS1567H ABLPS5976C Tick deductee Previously entered pan Change name PAN display inno here old and modify column Save correction 44
  45. 45. UPDATE CHALLAN & DEDUCTEE DETAIL(F4) Select update if any change in challan detail or set no Click for deductee correction 45
  46. 46. AJYPS1567H ABLPS5976CNow click here 46
  47. 47. AJYPS1567H Select option update add or delete flagSelect deductee and click here Save correction & go back to challan 47
  50. 50. UPDATE SALARY DETAIL F6 (ONLY FOR 24Q FOURTH QTR) Now select new record & click modify If any correction for salary detail select employee & click here it will remove old detail and add new 50
  51. 51. Enter new details and save 51
  52. 52. CANCEL RETURN (F7)• When wrong return is submitted Or return period is wrong• You can cancel that returnSteps-:• Click on cancel return (f7)• Prepare correction & submitNote:- after acceptation you have to submit original return 52
  54. 54. PREPARE CORRECTION RETURN Check provisional token no. before proceed 54
  55. 55. TOOLS>> RETURN FILING DETAILS Select status submitted Enter token date & token no Click here to enter receipt no & token no You can check of correction return return receipt no Enter status Here you can here online attach return file 55
  56. 56. TOOLS>> E FILE MANAGER(shows all the files prepared for this assessee for reference purpose) 56
  58. 58. TAKE CARE BEFORE SUBMITTING RETURN TO AVOIDE REJECTION• Regularly update software when new version is release• Check .fvu file before submitting return• For revise return download & import latest consolidated .tds file• Do every correction only from correction menu• For any query contact on (079) 32201037 27561850 64505103 58
  59. 59. EXCEL SETTINGS•TO SETUP YOUR OFFICE- 2007 EXCEL(*XLSX) INTO THE OFFICE-97-2003(*XLS) FORMAT : Press Alt+ F to go to “office button” or click here Click excel option 59
  60. 60. Select save option Select 2003 work book option Click ok 60
  61. 61. SETUP FOR ENABLE YOUR MACROS SETTING OF EXCEL : Select trust center option Select trust center setting option 61
  62. 62. Tick this optionSelect macro settings Tick this option Click OK 62