Technical Overview Funnel 21


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The great commercial opportunity of the decade 2010-2020 is centred on aggregating legacy customer data and tracking customers web and mobile activity, but think it through, what are you going to do if your system can’t handle the data?
Lockheed Martin chose this solution to aggregate the data of 1300 suppliers needed to build a military aircraft.
We also provide it to sports and media channels to instantly aggregate their disparate pots of data and give themselves massive competitive advantage in sponsorship negotiations.

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Technical Overview Funnel 21

  1. 1. W i l d fi r e : S o l v i n g I n f o r m a ti o n M a n a g e m e n t P r o b l e m s Companies frequently employ databases to store and manage their information. Some databases may be supplied by third parties, some developed in house, eventually these may result in the duplication of information and cause management reporting difficu lties. Reconciling information across more than one source for reporting and analysis purposes becomes time consuming and error prone. Businesses suffering from fragmented information storage problems complain that they need to go into one application to get o ne set of data, then into another application to get the rest of the data for their report. Sometimes the task of reporting becomes a full time job for an employee and the latency involved in creating the reports renders them out of date before they are published. In addition, in order to gather information from more than one software package the user needs to be trained in using all of them. What is required is a way of presenting information from one or more sources into a unified, easy to use application specific ally de- signed to overlay the information with analysis and reporting capabilities with very little effort. Wild re can help you create, migrate, analyse, visualise, report and combine your information in ways you never thought possible. Presentation The look, feel and navigation of Wildfire mimics that of Microsoft Outlook 2007. Users are often already famil- iar with navigating around Outlook, minimising training requirements and resistance to adoption Value to the business can be achieved through simply plugging the Wildfire user interface on top of a legacy system in order to provide user friendly views which can easily be analyzed and exported to Excel. Wildfire brings clarity and ease of use to any information system. Reporting Wildfire has the Crystal Reporting engine as an integrated part of the application. Reports can be designed and implemented by third parties and easily integrated into the application. Analysis All information displayed within a Wildfire application can easily be filtered, grouped, summed and further analysed in many different ways using drag and drop. Additionally, it supports single-click export to all versions of Microsoft Excel if users prefer to export their data to Microsoft Office for analysis and charting. Wildfire Provides: Audit Trail Bespoke information systems Any changes made to any data through a Wildfire application will be comprehensively audit-trailed. The name of the user, the time and date, the exact field which changed and the before-and-after values are all stored. Developer acceleration products The audit trail is configurable to store the first ‘n’ thousand records, or store records for a certain period or any other conceivable rule. Legacy system migration Software design and consultancy Security Wildfire uses single sign on, which means that users do not have to remember a separate username and pass- word to use their application. Wildfire determines the user from their network login; this is used for the audit trail as well as for securing access to the various data being managed. Technology Wildfire is a 100% managed .NET 3.5 application. By default it uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 as the underlying database but can also be used as a user interface to enhance legacy systems using any ODBC com- pliant database. Wildfire is a full client server application and will scale naturally from 1 to many hundreds of users. Funnel 21 Sport and Media, The Media Factory, Floor 4, UCLAN, Preston, PR1 2HE t: +44 (0) 1772 895285 e: w: