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‘Butter’ is no laughing matter singapore movies - in sing.com movies

  1. 1. ‘Butter’ is No Laughing Matter - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:42 PM Like 208k Register Login Businesses Food Movies Events Select a movie Select a cinema Search SG HUNGRYGOWHERE SHOPPING MOVIES EVENTS BEST DEALS TRAVEL NEWS MORE Home > Movies > ‘Butter’ is No Laughing Matter See what your friends are reading Most Popular Ah Boys To Men: Part 2 - inSing.com... ‘Butter’ is No Laughing Matter Journey To The West - inSing.com Movies by Wang Dexian Ah Boys To Men: Part 1 - inSing.com... inSing.com - 1 November 2012 3:06 PM A Good Day To Die Hard - inSing.com... Ah Boys to Men Part 2: A perfect... Tweet 0 Like One person likes this. Be the first of your friends. Subscribe to Newsletter Get e-mail updates on Food, Movies, Shopping and Events in Singapore plus Contests & Giveaways! Given Name Family Name Email Address Jennifer Garner plays a small-town social climber in Butter Movie details | Photo gallery | Buy tickets Rating: 2 stars out of 5 Screenwriter Jason Micallef’s directorial debut work, ‘Butter’, was third on the Hollywood ‘Blacklist’ in 2008, a list of Hollywood’s most popular unproduced screenplays back. Now, with Jennifer Garner as one of the stars and producers, it’s finally hitting screens. But, as we found out, it might Experts not have been worth the wait. Food Shopping Movies For the past 15 years, Bob Pickler (Ty Burrell) has dominated the butter sculpting competition at Beckii Dr Leslie Tay EvelynCOnline Bagaholicboy Movie Lover CinemaChen the Iowa State Fair, winning with his sculptures of first lady Laura Bush and Schindler’s List. When ‘The Delicacy’: The Prince Coffee All 5 best French bistros Bagaholicboy:stop- Unknown: A tale of Unforgettable House in delectable... Singapore turns Things films twists and Hainanese- motion Fun,... Old school Destiny, a 10-year old orphan, wanders into Bob’s recreation of the last supper and sculpts a cup Western ‘ParaNorman’ in When sweet treats Beach Win one delights atcome So many French hot A complicated thriller Besides of these bistros beautifully, she impresses Bob. Soon after, Bob is asked to step aside to give other competitors a Road in unlikely are Neeson. town - hereLiamthe designer numbers! 5 headed other stop-motion here arebypackages. best spots films that give CG... chance. Bob agrees. However, his domineering and ambitious wife, Laura (Jennifer Garner) gets all riled up about it, driving Bob to a one night tryst with stripper Brooke (Olivia Wilde). The butterhttp://movies.insing.com/feature/butter-movie-review/id-83633f00 Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. ‘Butter’ is No Laughing Matter - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:42 PM sculpting competition then becomes a three-way battle between a feisty Laura, a vengeful Brooke and the young and hopeful Destiny. Beckii C Cinema... Movie... Bagaholicb... Featured Series Movie Reviews Movie Reviews ‘Upside Down’: Is... ‘Parker’: A bloody... Food Shopping Critics Reviews New Arrivals Interviews Tech Weekly New Opening Contests and Giveaways What’s New Movies Events Trailer Feature Fun For Free Movie Feature Preview Guide Movie Reviews Contests Interviews Announcement Weekend Guide Art and Performing... Search for feature articles Olivia Wilde shows a very different side in Butter ‘Butter’ certainly aims high with its satirical subject. But while it’s hilarious, witty and even smart at times, on the whole ‘Butter’ just doesn’t seem to know what it is doing. Some of the characters in the script are lazy stereotypes, like Laura the Republican trophy wife addicted to power and all that it brings. The character is written like a complete caricature, with everything she says or does veering to the extreme and ridiculous. It’s hard to connect with the character, mainly because she’s written like a parody of Sarah Palin, which though funny, is four years too late. Fortunately, Jennifer Garner plays the role well, considering what she has to work with, which is almost nothing. Her over the top performance consists of some uptight primping and superiority complex-filled moments that really pushes it over the hump. Yara Shahidi’s 10-year old Destiny, on the other hand, is easily the best thing about this movie. Destiny’s plight as a foster child sees her shipped from one awkward foster parent to another, until she finally ends up with Ethan and Kaitlin (Rob Corddry and Alicia Silverstone). As a result of her tough childhood, Destiny is hilariously astute for her age, chiming in with some of the best sarcastic racial observations we’ve from a kid. Her scenes with Corddry too are a standout, as they aren’t just funny, but also reveal a thin layer of hurt that’s barely present and sorely needed in the film. Additionally, Olivia Wilde and Hugh Jackman show up to steal the show in hilarious roles. Wilde is a crazed punk rock stripper with the unexpected heart of gold, and Jackman a sleazy redneck car dealer, who also happens to be Laura’s past love. ‘Butter’ ultimately suffers big time due to a lack of consistency in its writing. The screenplay sounds like it was written on the fly without any thought put into it at all. Too often, the film chooses the easy way out—settling for cutesy ‘awwww’ moments when there could have been a stronger pay off and going for the cheap laughs when a joke could have been built up more. In the end, no one knows exactly what this movie is about. Is it another skewering of Midwestern and Republican America? Not exactly. Is it about an obsession with pointless contests? Maybe. Who knows? What we do know is despite its talented and funny cast, the movie is as lacking in substance as its title suggests—you could cut through the fluff as easily as a hot knife would go through butter. Its potential to push boundaries with its odd and quirky subject matter is completely unutilised; and it ends up being another incoherent movie. ‘Butter’ opens in theatres 1 November 2012http://movies.insing.com/feature/butter-movie-review/id-83633f00 Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. ‘Butter’ is No Laughing Matter - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:42 PM You might also like Paid Distribution MP’s speech sees more Body found at entrance Film Flush 2.0 - Oscars Is This Frankenstein? than 5,500 shares on of HDB carpark at Jalan Special (The New York Times) Facebook Bukit Merah (inSing Movies) (inSing News) (inSing News) [Powered by Outbrain] Bookmark Email Print Send to Mobile Share... Share Leave a comment 0 comments Add a comment... Post to Facebook Posting as Dexian Wang (Change) Comment Facebook social plugin Related Content Announcement: Tegan & Sara heads to Singapore Weekend Guide: TGIF!: Your weekend guide (1-3 Feb 2013) Announcement: Jazz crooner José James returns to TAB in Feb Feature: 5 best Russell Peters jokes Movies Features "Harry Potter" producer goes horror "Les Miserables" tops "Argo" at BAFTAs Ahmad Idham goes "Gangster" "The Grandmaster" to release in US Bryan Cranston fights "Godzilla" Catch the latest Singapore movies now Movies inSing.com About inSing Follow inSing RSS Feeds showing at all cinemas. Read movie Now Showing Business Search About Us reviews, check movie showtimes and Coming Soon HungryGoWhere Contact Us book your tickets at inSing.com Movies. Photo Galleries Shopping Careers Trailers Movies FAQ Showtimes Events Subscribe to Newsletter Latest Reviews Super Deals mio TV VOD News Advertise with us Travel Display Advertising SingNet Business Listing Ads HungryGoWhere HungryGoWhere for Restaurants © 2013 , SingTel Digital Media Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use Disclaimers Review Policy Site Map Developer tools Mobile Versionhttp://movies.insing.com/feature/butter-movie-review/id-83633f00 Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. ‘Butter’ is No Laughing Matter - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:42 PMhttp://movies.insing.com/feature/butter-movie-review/id-83633f00 Page 4 of 4