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Eye Health and Food Items


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Eye Health and Food Items

  1. 1. ==== ====Read more or more information here: ====As far as the eye health is concerned, it is very important. Either you are a sportsperson or you area doctor or in any firm and even clerk, you definitely require the good vision. You cannot reallysurvive without the eyes. You might turn out to be a beggar begging, if you do not have eyes. Iwould not like to make the situation complicated. At present you will have to realize that keep youreyes healthy is a very important thing. Similarly you will have to find out the method through whichyou can keep your eyes healthy.Generally you would like to wear the sun glasses as well as goggles. But do you know that this isprevention and not a cure. If you want to cure your eye problem then you will have to do differentthing. You will have to take some foods that are rich in vitamin A. but do you feel that vitamin A isthe only thing which can save your eyes. Let me tell you that apart from the vitamin A you will haveto take the other nutrients as well.Hence, you will have to come up with a diet that will suit your body. Below are some of the fooditems that you can include in your daily diet. They are as follows:1. The first thing is the green vegetables. You will certainly be able to find out that the greenvegetables are quite good for the eyes. Almost all the green vegetables are good in curing eyes.Some of the nutrients are the vitamin A, vitamin C as well as vitamin K. all of them are somehowor the other good for the health of eye. They will certainly keep your eyes fit and healthy.2. Lets discuss one another thing as well and that is age. The eye sight goes on becoming weakas we grow of ages. Hence, with the growing age you should certainly change your diet. Youshould take lots of fruit juice when you grow old. However if you are a diabetic patient then it mightbe very bad for you. But there are varieties of mangoes available which are sugar free and youcan buy them and take out their juice. This juice will certainly be very good for your health.So you will find that the green vegetables are the key to keep your eyes fit. But when we grow ofage then we have to change our diet as well.Eye health supplements help to lower the risk of diseases related to vision such as maculardegeneration and cataracts. For more information please visit: Sleep SupplementsArticle Source:
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