Questions to Ask Colleges
  1. How would you classify the tone of the campus (academic,
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Questions To Ask Colleges


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Questions To Ask Colleges

  1. 1. Questions to Ask Colleges Demographic/Overview 1. How would you classify the tone of the campus (academic, competitive, friendly, laid-back etc.)? 2. How many undergraduate students attend your school? 3. What’s your faculty to student ratio? 4. Is your school accredited? Academics 1. What areas of study are the most popular at your school? Does your school offer [my area of interest]? 2. Does your school offer pre-professional programs (e.g. pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-legal, pre- business)? Do you have pre-professional advisors? 3. Does your school offer career-based classes, cooperative education classes, or internships for credit? 4. Do you have a career services office that can help with finding jobs/internships? What other services do they offer? 5. Does your school offer study abroad? Admission 1. When are your admission and financial aid deadlines? What types of admission do you offer (e.g. rolling, early decision, early action, regular decision)? 2. What are your admission requirements (e.g. GPA, ACT scores)? 3. What else do you look at on my application in addition to grades? Financial Aid 1. What is your school’s cost of tuition and room and board? What is the total cost of attendance? 2. Does your school offer merit-based scholarships, or are your scholarships strictly need-based? (If they do offer merit-based scholarships), how can I found out if I qualify and when/where to apply? 3. Does your school participate in state and federal financial aid programs? Does your school offer work-study? 4. Will your school meet 100% of my family’s demonstrated financial need? 5. On average, what percent of you school’s financial aid packages comprise of loans? Housing 1. Is it possible to spend the night with a current student to learn more about the school and housing options? 2. Do most students live on campus or off-campus? 3. Are freshmen required to live on campus? What types of housing does your school offer, and is there a difference in cost? Visiting/Other 1. When do you offer campus tours? Are tours given by students? 2. Can I speak to current students about what it’s like to go to your school? 3. Are there any students from my high school at your college? 4. What opportunities are there off campus (e.g. community service, things to do on the weekend etc.)? 5. What types of extracurricular activities are available? Helpful hint: To help you assess if a college is a good match for you, talk to current students. Current students will tell you straight what they do and don’t like about their school and it will help paint a clearer picture of what it’s like to be a student at the college.