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case report follow up

here is a case I surgically treated for revision surgery and the development of a radiculopathy back at the beginning of the year. The main concern on surgical strategy was about the coexistent myelopathy the patient was previously operated on back in 2015. Seven months follow-up demonstrate no development of adjacent level disease, while clinical evaluation shows a good control of symptoms and an improvement on quality of life.

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case report follow up

  1. 1. Marco Sassi. Post-surgical follow-up in central & radicular symptoms
  2. 2. • May-june2015 two surgeries for dorsal myelopathy. • Evoked potentials: myelopathy. IR 22/10/1956, ♀
  3. 3. • May-june2015 two surgeries for dorsal myelopathy. • Neurology: foot extension 3/5. Romberg +. Spasticity. Wheelchair. Lasegue +++ left. • Obesity • Claudication • Depression
  4. 4. Surgical Strategy Avoid muscular disruption of a second site surgery, on a Patient previously operated and with a cronic neurologic impairment.
  5. 5. Surgery • Weight loss (13Kg) • Causalgia? • Neurology: Foot extension 4/5 (improved), walks unassisted
  6. 6. Follow-Up: 6 months