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This is talk about how ship your order and when you will receive your order!

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Shipping&delivery of

  1. 1. Shipping & Delivery -Shipping & Delivery S - Shipping - DeliveryThere are many shipping methods available, such as EMS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, Oceanfreight, China Post Air, China Post SAL, Hongkong Post, AirShipping to Warehouse, See Shipping to Warehouse, TOLL,ChinaPost Air((Non-Tracking)), China Post SAL(Non-Tracking)PARCEL FORCE, HK Post(Non-Tracking), HERMES,Singapore post , Singapore post(Non-Tracking), DPD, TNT Post,Home delivery, ARAMEX, USPS, post link, postlink(Non-Tracking), and Equick. You can choose your preferredshipping method based on the order size and destination on theOrder Information page during the checkout process.
  2. 2. Shipping & Delivery1, ShippingFor most products, will offer you a choice of threecategories of shipping methods on the Order Information page atcheckout. Our three available shipping methods are:Expedited ShippingOur fastest option ships to all major destinations in 3 - 5business days. All Expedited Shipping orders are eligible forshipping discounts according to package size and destination.Standard ShippingThe most affordable option ships to all major destinations in 6 -8 business days. All standard shipping orders are eligible forshipping discounts according to package size and destination.(Note: Due to longer customs clearance times, StandardShipping times have been extended to 15-30 days for Brazil and10-15 days for all other destinations in Latin America.)Super Saver ShippingThe most affordable option ships to all major destinations in 10 -20 business days. The longer delivery time is necessary to offeryou the lowest possible shipping fees. Please be aware that ordertracking may not always be available with this option.
  3. 3. Shipping & Delivery In general, we need time to prepare your products. Wig is about 3-5 business days, and 7-15 business days for the customized products. Once you have placed an order, then the shippingmethod cannot be changed anymore unless we accepts othershipping methods at the same price. So If you want to change,please contact us in time.Usually, most of the items on our website can be shipped tomost countries in the world. However, different shippingmethods may have different limitations on the deliverydestination. We suggest you contact us and make sure whetheritems can be shipped to your country by any shipping method.
  4. 4. Shipping & DeliveryHow to Calculating Shipping CostsShipping costs depend on the number of items and the weight ofyour order, when your item shipping begins and where yourdelivery destination is as well as the shipping method chosen.The prices displayed on product information pages generally donot include shipping costs. What’s more, if product nameincludes “free shipping”, then you will not need to pay forshipping cost. Free available for every country. For productswithout “free shipping”, the shipping costs are not included inthe item prices, and you need to use the online system togenerate a shipping quote for your order.Please put the desired number of items in your shopping cart.Then click the Estimate Shipping Costs link, and choose yourcountry to preview shipping prices for different shippingservices. Please read this carefully.
  5. 5. Shipping & Delivery2. DeliveryAfter your payment is confirmed, we will have a processingtime for your item. Currently, we ship out the order by anunchangeable deadline (referred to as "shipment deadline”). Butdue to bad weather, items out of stock, invalid informationprovided by buyers, and other unexpected reasons, we may failto ship out the order by that deadline, which may result in theorder being automatically canceled. During this period, pleasekeep communicating with us about the shipping details.You can check the shipping deadline on the order list page inyour account.There are two key factors that will decide when you will receiveyour items.1. Shipping Method: Delivery time varies with shipping method.For example: DHL, UPS and Fedex take 2-4 days while EMStakes 7-10 days.Time in transit varies depending on where youre located andwhere your package is coming from.2. Item Processing Time: There are different processing timesvaries according to the item’s stock status.
  6. 6. Shipping & DeliveryEstimated Delivery TimeAll orders must be processed before they are shipped. The totaltime to receive your order is split into two parts: ProcessingTime and Shipping Time. Please use the chart below to helpgauge how long it will take to receive your order.Processing time differs from category to category. Such as toprocess the customized will take more days than common wigs.Please check our web for details. It can helpyou to estimate when you will receive your order. Any questions, please feel free to email us!
  7. 7. Shipping & DeliveryPlease Note:Delivery may be delayed for holidays or natusral accidents. Ifyou want to communicate with us about shipping and servicedetails, you can contact us by clicking "Online Chat" or"Contact Us" in the Seller Information area.Australian delivery delays Due to severe weather and flooding, delays:there may be some brief delivery delays on packages toAustralia, specifically New South Wales and Victoria.Due to longer customs clearance times Standard Shipping times,times have been extended to 15-30 business days for Brazil and10-15 business days for all other destinations in Latin America.Since we typically ship orders in a single package unless package,otherwise stated, the total length of time it will take for you toreceive your order should be calculated by using the longestestimated time for items in your order.Chinese holiday reminder During week-long Chinese reminder:holidays, Chinese National Day (October 1, 2012) and ChineseNew Year (February 10, 2013), services from certain suppliersand carriers may be affected, which means that deliveries fororder placed around these holidays may be delayed 2-6 days.
  8. 8. Shipping & Delivery Dolabuy.comThank You!