Dolabuy introduce yoga notes


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Dolabuy tell us five notes about practicing yoga and we also can learn Hatha yoga from this.

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Dolabuy introduce yoga notes

  1. 1. Dolabuy introduce yoga notes Learn Hatha yoga
  2. 2. Yoga notes• Introduction: there is no age limitation for practicing yoga, everybody can learn it. But, how much you know about yoga notes? There, dolabuy warn yoga lovers to attention below five notes of practicing yoga.• 1, There is no specifically rule about practitioners diet.• You can use half of the stomach to install food, a quarter for water and the remaining keep empty. Dont eat too much, avoiding feel heavy and lazy. Within one hour before and after practicing. Avoid exercise within two hours after meal.
  3. 3. 2, Warm-up is very important• Dont practice difficult action at the beginning, avoiding sports injuries. It is better to do some yoga warm-up action. 3, Let mood relax as much as possible when practicing• It is allowed your body feel a little bit of pain, but dont use excessive force or reluctant to do movements.
  4. 4. 4, Dont laugh or speak, concentrate breathing• Keep regular, and deep breathing which can help your body relax.5, It is better practice yoga in a peaceful, well-ventilated room• Make sure the indoor air fresh and can breathe oxygen freely. You also can practic yoga outdoor, but the environment must be pleasant.
  5. 5. Hatha yoga "Ha" in word Hatha yoga refers to the sun, "tha" means moon and then, Hatha also can be called "Sun and Moon Yoga".• Hatha yoga helps you discover the mystery of the body and breathing. It is the most practical system of all yoga system and is the most familiar to people. It includes a series of exercises, through body posture, breathing and relaxation techniques to achieve the purpose of training.
  6. 6. • Suitable for: beginner, mental stress and sub-health state people2. People without no basis or under poor physical condition, the movement aimed at to stretch and change poor condition.3. Decompression: to altered mental status, let body muscle and bone strengthening exercises to guide the relaxation, let tension of the brain to fully relax and adapt to the pressure of work.4. Body: it can help women to create the perfect body shape.5. Features: Hatha yoga can be practiced very difficult and also can be practiced very easy. And it is completely listen to the practitioners own arrangements.
  7. 7. The End!!!