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Get Ready For The Trump Network™ Revolution - Discover The Difference Between OPPORTUNITY & SUCCESS


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Get Ready For The Trump Network™ Revolution - Discover The Difference Between OPPORTUNITY & SUCCESS

  1. 1. There’s a big difference between opportunity and success. Get ready for the revolution | Oct ‘09
  2. 2. A note from Donald J. Trump America is at a crossroads. At no time in recent history has our economy been in the state that it is today. We’re in the midst of an economic meltdown created by Wall Street greed, financial industry ineptitude, and a multi-billion dollar government bail out of the financial system that isn’t working. The American dream has been hijacked by complacency and incompetence. My experience in real estate has taught me that the greatest opportunities exist when economic times are at their worst. That’s why, after the real estate crash of the ‘90s, I came back stronger than ever. The first thing I learned is that when times are tough, you need to hedge your bets—you need to diversify. If you don’t do what I did, and diversify your income, you will most likely see your net worth diminish. Worst case, you could lose everything. The good news is, you don’t have to. Diversifying is a way to protect your income so that you can continue to do what you know and love and still make money. The second thing I learned is that the economy goes in cycles. When some industries fail, others take off. For example, when the real estate industry was tanking in the early 90’s, the network marketing industry exploded. During hard times, people with an entrepreneurial spirit flock to network marketing opportunities. That’s why I am putting my name and my expertise behind this company. It’s got great products, great training, great support, and a solid foundation. I believe in the founders and I believe in their team. And, just as important, I believe this is a ground floor opportunity that’s only begun to tap into vast market potential. We’re re-launching the company as The Trump Network™ . Products that help make people healthier, an opportunity for you to make as much money as you want, based on your own efforts, and the support of an organization that’s got it all together. You can get back your financial independence and diversify your income now, instead of simply waiting for things to turn around. Join me. Take the leap of faith that’s necessary in this worthwhile endeavor. – Donald J. Trump 1 The Trump Network™
  3. 3. Ideal Health officially becomes The Trump Network™ in October 2009 This may be your only chance to reclaim Take control of your future. your health, your financial security, and the The best day of your life is the one when you decide your American dream. life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean Joining Ideal Health now, could be one of the most on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours—it is an amazing important decisions you will ever make. The timing, the journey—and you alone are responsible for the quality products, the training, and the opportunity couldn’t be of it. better. Make no mistake. The announcement that Donald Trump Where else can you create residual has put his name and entrepreneurial know-how behind income and realize the life of the Ideal Health organization is going to rock the network your dreams? marketing industry to its foundation. The right products. The right training. By joining NOW, you will already have the organization, The right time. support and tools in place to take the most advantage of As the first company in America to offer affordable the extraordinary growth that will take place when The customized nutritional supplementation based on Trump Network is formally presented to the world in metabolic testing, Ideal Health has always been about October, 2009. improving the health of millions of Americans, and about “I'm 32 years old with no experience in health, nutrition, or networking. I believed in the products and I knew they could make me financially free. I went from a little apartment to my first home and a new car. I now spend more time with my friends and family, and I have no financial stress which changes everything.” —Vanessa Puleo (Florida) The Trump Network™ 2
  4. 4. sharing the huge financial wealth being created by new But, supplementing alone isn't enough. opportunities in the nutrient supplement industry. Now, Off-the-shelf, “one-size-fits-all” vitamins cannot possibly with its nationally recognized branding, The Trump provide anyone with optimal nutrition because they are Network will increase these opportunities exponentially. created for a hypothetical “average” person. No such person exists. The solution is test-based customization. An enormous demand for science-based nutritional supplement products. Developed in partnership with one of the world’s foremost It’s no secret that the food, drug and advertising nutritional laboratories, and backed by a distinguished industries, in their quest for profits, have robbed our foods scientific advisory board made up of physicians, of nutrients. They are filling our bodies with drugs that nutritionists, and other health care professionals, The can deplete nutrients, and they are selling us foods that Trump Network’s custom tests and supplements have been cause sickness in the name of convenience and vanity. quietly changing the way people think about nutrition for over a decade. The need for good nutrition is so great that a recent report by two Harvard University researchers in the Cutting-edge nutritional and health prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association products that keep you ahead of the curve. (JAMA) states that Americans need to supplement their The Trump Network scientists are continually at work diets to remain healthy. developing breakthrough nutritional and other life enhancing products that people need and want. For The wellness industry is huge and growing rapidly because... There are over 79 Million Baby Boomers, aged between 43 to 62. “Wellness is the next trillion dollar industry.” —Wellness Revolution—Paul Zane Pilzer This market segment represents 1/3 of the population, and has 2/3 of the spending power in the U.S. 3 The Trump Network™
  5. 5. example, our QuikStik™ series of mood infusion beverages online web presentations; sophisticated web accessed which provide a healthy, more effective alternative to direct mail programs... and much more. Just think how far caffeine and sugar pick-me-ups are being purchased faster ahead of the crowd you’ll be when you become part of than we can make them. And our body-changing The Trump Network in October. Silhouette Solution™ program offers rapid, safe weight loss without hunger by taking advantage of the way human Here's how it works… metabolism was designed to function. Both of these new We market our products directly to consumers through an products set a new standard in their respective markets. innovative recurring-revenue model designed to create residual wealth for its Independent Marketers. Now is the time to start building residual It works through a process of duplication. Each income. Now is the time to prepare your Independent Marketer presents the concept of custom foundation for The Trump Network™. nutrition based on testing, the products and supplements, When you become a "product of the product", that is and the business opportunity to family members, friends, when you experience the life-changing benefits of co-workers, and acquaintances. customized nutrition, and when you achieve your own weight loss goals using our bariatric products, it’s easier A certain percentage of these individuals purchase the than ever to personally share your experience with others product and join the company as Independent Marketers using the powerful tools we provide. These include themselves, thus “duplicating” the person who first told multimedia CDs, video and audio presentations; 24/7 The Trump Network™ 4
  6. 6. them about it. They in turn present to their family and higher your potential income. Then, when October comes, friends in the same way. new Marketers will be joining your organization faster than others, because you will already have an established, Building a successful network business… growing business. As a Marketer, you can grow a large and profitable sales organization in a relatively short time. If you bring in just A perfect convergence of trends… three new Marketers in your downline organization; and Right now, three trends are coming together that will take each of them in turn brings in three more, you can see our industry to a whole new level. We know that dramatic how quickly an organization of customers and marketers growth occurs most when these trends converge: can grow. An economy in recession. As your downline grows, you receive a share of the profits As the economic downturn and record unemployment made on sales of the product and sales materials made by continues, more and more people are looking for your recruits, and by their recruits, ad infinitum. Once opportunities to make money. you’ve established a large downline of self-duplicating Marketers, your share of the profits flowing upwards An ageing population. grows substantially and exponentially. There are now 79 million Baby Boomers between the ages of 43-62 in the U.S. who are driving the demand Obviously, the more new people with whom you share the for products that can help them maintain their youth opportunity, the faster your organization grows, and the and vitality. 5 The Trump Network™
  7. 7. Drug-free wellness. Make freedom your goal. Millions of Americans now realize that the answer to As you build a large organization, you will discover more many of their health problems are nutraceuticals, not and more that you have the freedom to do what you pharmaceuticals. want, when you want. With this new freedom comes the time to spend with your family, take care of your health Your timing couldn’t be better. and your family’s health, travel the world, contribute to We are positioned like no other company in our industry your favorite charities, and live the lifestyle of your to capture the lion’s share of the market with the best dreams. Freedom means never having to worry about customized tests, nutritional supplements and bariatric money again. weight loss products ever developed. Before you can make a fortune, With iMail,® your growth potential is you have to make a commitment. virtually unlimited. When you join our team, we’ll do everything we can to In addition, when you purchase our proprietary, support your efforts and help you become successful. If web-enabled direct-mail program—iMail—you can you would like to learn more about how we can help you automatically extend your reach and develop new realize the life of your dreams, call the person who gave prospects long after the pool of local friends and family you this brochure to let them know you want to start. has been exhausted. Thus you are able to establish new downlines in multiple geographic areas far from home. Join us TODAY. A brighter future can be yours. Don't let it pass you by. Whatever path you choose, our unique life-enhancing products, unmatched training and marketing support and the most generous, multi-tiered commission plan in the industry, all combine to create an opportunity unlike any other. “All of our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney The Trump Network™ 6
  8. 8. All of us at The Trump Network look forward to supporting you ™ as you work towards your dreams and goals. 12 Kent Way Byfield, MA 01922 © 2009 TTN, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 1.800.768.7667 THE TRUMP NETWORK and the associated crest are trademarks owned by Donald J. Trump Updated 3/5/09.